First Amendment

A Declaration ... of the People's Plight ...

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" Drafted by Thomas Jefferson

between June 11 and June 28, 1776,

the Declaration of Independence is at once

the nation's most cherished symbol of liberty

and Jefferson's most enduring monument.

Here, in exalted and unforgettable phrases,

Jefferson expressed the convictions

in the minds and hearts of the American people

The political philosophy of the Declaration was not new;

its ideals of individual liberty

had already been expressed by John Locke

and the Continental philosophers.

What Jefferson did was to summarize this philosophy

in "self-evident truths"

and set forth a list of grievances

against the King

in order to justify before the world

the breaking of ties between the colonies

and the mother country. "

Source: The Charters of Freedom website.

Newspapers, Digital Media, Bush's Control -- Bill Keller talks about the News today

This is wonderful, two commentaries with different angles on the same article. Don't miss Aaron Barlow's front page piece on Keller - standingup

I received the link for this 11-29-07 article in an email this morning Not dead yet: the newspaper in the days of digital anarchy. It's the transcript of Bill Keller's speech at a memorial for the Guardian columnist Hugo Young. The entire piece is breath-taking in the ground it covers, and in my opinion, the courage it shows, though some may disagree with me.