Florida - Outsourcing Election Night to Microsoft

Every two years we get to raise the question, once again: 

"Where were the Florida election results counted tonight?"

Because, for much of the last decade, the State of Florida has had a non-State entity hosting the election night results that Floridians trust are the accurate representation of their cumulative vote.  

This scenario is the Florida replay of what we first identified had occurred in 2004 when Ohio's votes made a roundtrip through SMARTechcorp computers, in Tennessee, and George W. Bush beat John Kerry in the general election.

We've only been able to capture records of the IP address for the State of Florida's election night host computers since 2005.  Two years ago (maybe four) election results were hosted on computers managed by a company based in the state of Georgia. 

If I was Newt Gingrich, I would be happy about that location, if it was repeated tonight.

GOP Primary

Perhaps.   Or maybe not. 

Flying and Hookers and Chairs, oh my!

As a follow up to a previous diary on former Florida GOP party chair, Jim Greer, being chased for corruption.

Between stories of skimming party money, expensive charter flights and the orgasm envy of the former Florida GOP Chair comes allegations that "women were involved and paid" on a junket to the Bahamas:

In one case, Greer organized a men-only trip to the Bahamas along with a group of major donors. O'Rourke was forbidden from attending, though Greer brought two male party staffers.

Beth Kigel, a lobbyist, fundraiser and member of the state party executive committee from Palm Beach County, told investigators she also had heard about that men-only trip but that "women were involved and paid."

Via TPM, Gov. Crist had something to say on the subject:

Sometimes there is not much to say...

Beyond the title and the link:

Ex-Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer indicted on charges of grand theft, money laundering

I mean, the only way it could it get any worse than the title implies is if the Florida GOP party could not figure out what Greer was doing on their own:

DXC Staffer receives Clinton Honors

DAYTON, OH – University of Dayton graduate student and Dayton Christian Center (DXC) Fellow Drew Formentini has been selected as a participant in the 2010 Clinton Global Initiative to be held April 16-18 at the University of Miami, FL.

Grayson's Message Embraced By Florida Republicans

That all mythical squishy middle centristy stuff that The Village preschoolers can not read or write beyond? The one that Obama keeps trying to to pander to and live off of while producing medicocre to pure crap legislation, IF he can get anything to pass at all, which is pissing everybody on all political sides off. Needless to say not one single one of these bipartisan hacks get it:

Republicans like a politician who stands up for what he believes --
even if he believes the Republican Party is populated by a bunch of
"knuckle-dragging Neanderthals."

The candidate leading the Florida GOP primary to determine who will
take on Rep. Alan Grayson, the Democrat who represents the
Orlando-based district, is none other than Grayson himself, according
to a poll paid for by his campaign. Grayson is a freshman congressman
who has drawn scorn from the GOP and has quickly built a nationwide
following of progressives.

The poll has Grayson leading the 13 Republicans -- among Republicans
-- with 27.8 percent of the vote. The congressman who mocked the GOP
health care plan by saying that it amounts to telling people not to get
sick and if they do, to die quickly, received more support than all of
the Republican candidates combined.

No GOP candidate scored above 3.7 percent; 57.7 percent said they were undecided.

If Grayson were running as a Republican candidate he would the runaway leader of the pack.
What will The Village idiots say? Look no further than below the fold...

Open Thread: Feral Child Edition

Hat-tip to Donna for bringing our attention to this disturbing story.


"Three years ago the Plant city police found a girl lying in her roach-infested room, naked except for an overflowing diaper. The child, pale and skeletal, communicated only through grunts. She was almost 7 years old.

The authorities had discovered the rarest of creatures: a feral child, deprived of her humanity by a lack of nurturing."


The Girl in the Window

Click the image above or click here to go to the slide show. On that page, there are a variety of related, important links.

It's a horrifying story, but not one without hope.


The girl in the window by Lane DeGregory, Times Staff Writer

Posted: Jul 31, 2008 04:35 PM


Just before noon on July 13, 2005, a Plant City police car pulled up outside that shattered window. Two officers went into the house — and one stumbled back out.

Clutching his stomach, the rookie retched in the weeds.

Plant City Detective Mark Holste had been on the force for 18 years when he and his young partner were sent to the house on Old Sydney Road to stand by during a child abuse investigation. Someone had finally called the police.

They found a car parked outside. The driver's door was open and a woman was slumped over in her seat, sobbing. She was an investigator for the Florida Department of Children and Families.

"Unbelievable," she told Holste. "The worst I've ever seen."


The story has a happy ending -- not so much an "ending" as much as it is a new beginning. The young girl, now called "Dani," has a new family now, including an older brother named William, and has been making progress. Slow progress, but more than anyone had initially dared to hope.

Hope grows.

This is an Open Thread.

For a recent story in a similarly disturbing vein -- but one which had an unhappy ending for the child -- see here.

Sending Goods to Iran? Yes we are!

I am always so surprised when I read articles like the following. Why I am so darn surprised...I don't know. Schnoockered comes to mind!!! Can we not stand the truth?

U.S. exports there have risen during the Bush administration


Democrats want Katherine Harris drafted for president

Remember old Katherine...give a look see: here

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- If Republicans don't think their presidential candidates are on the conservative extreme of issues important to them, Democrats are reminding them there is another choice: Katherine Harris.

The Florida Democratic Party is launching a parody Web site that will feature videos of Republican presidential candidates' statements on issues like immigration, foreign policy, taxes and others. The idea is if they want someone on the far right on any of those topics, Harris is their candidate.

"It's comparing her to the candidates on the Republican platform - who hates immigrants more, who will fight to reduce the number of children with health insurance, et cetera," said Mark Bubriski, a spokesman for the state party.


Keep the faith Katherine...per the Temptations: