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Media Matters: Fox News Email Shows Editorial Reslant to Frank Luntz Health Care Reform Language

"You know what," Hannity replied, "it's a great point, and from now on, I'm going to call it the government option."

Time to 'Assanginate' Rupert Murdoch.

Remember the "Fair and Balanced" and "We Report, You Decide" messages that remind television viewers of the public stance of the GOP's 24/7 cable news echo-maker, Fox News Channel?

Remember, Dr. Frank Luntz , the talking points-pollster who crafts the Republican agenda into everything from the "Contract with America" through Enron's California power crisis-mandate to change national energy policy ('New Economy technology uses more electrons') to fighting the popularity of health care reform under President Obama?

Media Matters reported, today, that Fox News personalities were directed, by senior management, to make sure that on-air 'reporting' remained in-line with official Fox News verbiage for spinning references to "public option." 


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Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and other “news” anchors at Fox “news” have been reporting that Obama’s recent trip to Asia cost the American tax-payer $200 Million a day. This figure was total bullshit. The cost of the trip was far, far less than Bill O’Reilly had reported on Fox “news”

When called on it, Bill O'Reilly goes through some impressive linguistic gymnastics to try and make it sound like (even though the $200 million figure was total bullshit) that Fox "new" didn't tell any lies when they claimed Obama's trip was costing the American tax-payer $200 Million a day.

He claims that even though this $200 Million figure was reported repeatedly on Fox "news" that Fox "news" didn't report it!


Despite the murkiness and evasiveness of Bill O’Reilly’s defense, he seems to be claiming that because the original figure of $200 Million a day came from some person in India (and not a Fox "news" employee) that Fox "news" can't be responsible for spreading bad information. It's that guy in India who’s responsible for spreading bad information.

So, Fox “news” never does any fact checking?


Is News Corp via Fox News, inciting terrorism?

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  1. The use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp.for political purposes.
  2. the state of fear and& submission produced by terrorism or terrorization. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.


  1. a radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities act of terrorism, terrorism, terrorist act - the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature;

this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear

The Rising Tide of Right-(Reich)-justified Domestic Terrorism

Hat-tip Lordrag of DelphiForums for the tip.

From David Neiwert of Crooks and Liars:


Brian Kilmeade sez: 'Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.' Oh really?
By David Neiwert, October 15, 2010 11:00 AM

Brian Kilmeade, defending Lord Bill O'Reilly from the nefarious Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, gives voice to the basic Fox News view of the world:

Kilmeade: They can't handle the give and take of the debate. They were outraged that somebody was saying, uh, there's a reason, there was a certain group of people that attacked us on 9/11. It wasn't just one person, it was one religion.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.

Oh really, Brian.

Well, just as we had to do for Sarah Palin back in 2008, let's do a little reminder session for Kilmeade et. al.:


David then goes on to remind folks about Eric Rudolph, James Kopp, The Phineas Priesthood, Timothy McVeigh, Buford Furrow -- in fact, there's a lot of 'em:


Indeed, as we recently reported, there has in fact been an uptick in domestic terrorism cases in the past couple of years.



That's sixteen major incidents in a two-year period -- significantly more than we've seen over the same timespan from domestic radical Muslims. The BPC's report enumerates a total of seven incidents in 2009 -- two attacks and five serious plots (not to mention four attempts to join terrorist organizations). We've had the same number of right-wing extremist-related incidents of domestic terrorism in 2010 so far -- and the year isn't even over yet.

This has in fact been quite predictable, especially considering that both the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL have reported a significant increase in recruitment by right-wing extremists, particularly white-supremacist and radical "Patriot" groups, in the wake of President Obama's election. These two factions, after all, have been responsible for the overwhelming majority of domestic-terrorism cases of the past thirty years and more. Indeed, the problem is serious enough that the Pentagon has finally begun to clamp down on the far-right extremists who have been infiltrating the ranks of U.S. troops in recent years.

But right-wingers are always eager to dismiss the reality of right-wing extremists -- even in the face of overwhelming data. So this means, evidently, that when we now assess terrorism on a "bipartisan" basis, we must omit them altogether.


Finally, perhaps the more important point: We were not attacked by one religion. We were attacked by fringe fanatics from that religion, not the religion en masse. Some of our important allies in this fight, as it happens, are Muslim.


Indeed, the Reichwing supporters of domestic terror see nothing wrong with their misguided and violent self-righteousness: according to the majority of them, that's the way God & Jesus want them to be to defend America.

It's their own fundamental version of the Taliban, adapted / adopted / coopted to help them become the most tea-baggery incarnation of The American Taliban and hypocrisy, all wrapped up in instability and peppered with some heavily armed & dangerous weapon-weilding zealotry.

Welcome to the Right's vision for America: where violence against political opposites is par for the course, provided you're on the right (reich) side of their unHoly, unAmerican, unChristian point of view.

So, what's your take? Comments are open -- and remember, this is an Open Thread.

An Open-Minded 'Bagger?

The other day, I invited someone to be friends on Facebook--we have a huge number of mutual friends, so it seemed the thing to do. I got back this message:

You ask me to friend you but you list yourself as "Very Liberal." No way dude. You are brainwashed to say and think wrong things. When you become an independent thinker, try me again.

James O'Keefe: Conservative Porn Star, "Journalist" and "Activist"

The video says it all:

This is the kind of tawdy trickery and confabulation that includes 'malice aforethought' in high doses -- it's how "conservative activists" role. They manufacture their scoops -- like the ACORN trickery -- and lie, cheat, misrepresent the matters to their adoring (and sadly deceived) public. When caught with their pants down, however, they deny deny deny.

James O'Keefe, conservative "activist" and pseudo-journalist, now almost porn star.

It looks like that pimp getup he wore for creating the doctored ACORN video must've agreed with him more than he'd like to admit.

Hat-tip to Barbara Morrill of DailyKos for the lead.

Glenn Beck calls Fox Owner a 9/11 terrorist! He is going to get FIRED for this!

It finally happened. Glenn Beck has gone too far for his right wing owners. How do I know that? Because he just blamed 9/11 on one of the guys who pays his salary.

Watch the video here.

The guy Beck is blaming for 9/11 is one of his bosses, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who just happens to be the largest stockholder of Fox News who isn't a member of majority owner Rupert Murdoch's family.

Calling your boss a terrorist who is responsible for 9/11 can't be good for your job security, can it?

Transcript and more below the fold

Communist living in the White House...

The Republican Party has long touted itself as the Party of Responsibility..... personal responsibility, fiscal responsibility, and political responsibility. This is probably why most members of the Republican (most, not all) have kept themselves clear of direct relationship to the Tea Party, which has thrown the concept of responsibility to the winds.

While the Republican Party leadership is keeping a certain distance from the Tea Party (measured in millimeters), there is no question that the driving force behind the Tea Party is the American Corporate Oligarchy, which through Republican operative (Republican House Majority Leader from 1995 through 2003) Dick Armey and others, which finance the unending road shows and performances, as well as supply the buses to get "the grassroots" to the more important road shows, and Republican Noise Machine FoxNews, which actively promotes each and every activity of the roadshows scheduled by Dick Armey and friends. There is simply no way to miss just how seriously the Republican Party is intertwined with the so-called Tea Party.

The relationship is so close that any Republican claims of holding dear the concept of responsibility are immediately seen as nonsense.

Punk'd or Monck'd?

There is a common misconception, spread throughout the media, that Climate Skeptics have been intentionally ignored by the mainstream media in order to create the impression in the reader or viewers mind, that what they have to say is being supressed.

Our natural instinct once this framing became the conventional wisdom, was to see overcompensation within the media to 'give them equal air time', and for many individuals to become somewhat outraged, believing that something was being hidden from them.

The net result, many of these individuals became convinced of a conspiracy, hence increased malleability to accept on face value the statements of the well groomed media personalities which burst onto the scene just prior to Copenhagen with the pretense they were 'whistleblowers' and there was a concerted effort to keep them quiet.

However, things are not quite as they seem....

Shameful, disrespectful, ignorant and assinine: "Faux" News Interviews President Obama

Brett Baier proves himself to be an ignorant, arrogant, disingenuous asshole by disrespecting the President, the office and the nation with his childish Teabagger behavior. Watch:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


When you own the News, don't become the News.

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There is a story up on the AP at the moment which has News Corp agreeing to settle an anti-trust case with a company called Valassis for $500 Million.

News Corp. to pay $500M settlement to Valassis

Just to put this in perspective, payouts of this amount usually receive much more scrutiny:

Exxon Valdez : In the case of Baker v. Exxon, an Anchorage jury awarded $287 million for actual damages and $5 billion for punitive damages.

OK Tedi : A negotiated settlement worth approximately $500 million in compensation and commitments to tailings containment was reached in June 1996.

James Hardie: compensation worth up to $4 billion over the next 40 years

LIVONIA, Mich. (AP) -- News Corp. subsidiary News America Marketing has agreed to pay rival Valassis Communications Inc. $500 million to settle antitrust charges.

Valassis accused News America of threatening customers with price hikes for not offering exclusivity in marketing deals.

In a statement Saturday, News Corp. said it did not want to risk presenting the case to a jury in Michigan federal court, where it was scheduled for trial Tuesday. "it was in the best interests of the company and its stockholders to agree to a settlement."

The Exxon Valdez spill compensation claim was vigorously fought in court of law as well as in the public sphere, with the figure being reduced when the Bush administration was in office.

The OK Tedi disaster was a long term dumping of mining tailings filled with toxic metals, and cyanide contaminants into a river in Papua New Guinea.

The James Hardie payout was for continuing to market and manufacture asbestos building materials and fail to limit exposure to this product even when it was known of the effects on human health.

All of these, and I am sure there are many more, were played out in the press, in the media over and over. I know for a fact that News Corp would have headlined these three, if not many more in their newspapers day after day.

Media Matters Demonstrates Political Propaganda Ops Behind Fox "News"

Hat-tip to David Waldman of DailyKos.

Check this out:

To excerpt from David's piece over on dKos, here's the nub of the gist:


In the evening hour opinion shows (which, poisonous though they are, Fox is perfectly entitled to broadcast), you have your Hannity types spouting their wingnut applause lines unchecked, because gosh, it's just "opinion journalism." So it's all fair game when they come right out and claim Obama's a socialist, or communist, or fascist, or whatever the flavor of the day is.

But lo and behold, come next morning, the "news" side anchors pull out the infamous "Fox Question Mark" construction, dutifully delivering their line to the audience: "Is Obama a socialist? That's what some in Washington are saying..." Nevermind that both the "some" who are saying it and the talking heads "reporting" it take their morning memos and their paychecks from the same source.

In a nutshell, if you're using Fox for your political insights or news and information, you're being intentionally misinformed and manipulated. By nuts.

An Aussie Visiting America - Adrenalin Media

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Cross Posted on Daily Kos as part of a series of commentaries or diaries on an Australians trip across the USA during the month of August.

Yesterday in An Aussie Visiting America - LA, I discussed my gut reaction to a segment on Fox News in the US on one of their cable TV talk shows. As an Australian watching another (ex)Australians television network instructing people what to hate about 'other' Americans, I have to take issue with this.
It may be that too often though that one watches the personalities on Fox News Network, Bill O, Hannity and Beck without remembering that the station itself and the organization is ruled by a single man. The overriding ideology, what you are seeing which is labelled as News, is simply a public airing of the belief structure and comes with the express approval of one man. This gives that individual incredible power over public opinion and it is international influence where this power is wielded.

Rupert Murdoch, 78 years of age, born in 1931 and raised in Melbourne Australia, only became an American out of convenience in 1985 when he was 54 years of age.

Another hole in the ACORN story by GOP juvenile delinquents?

Another one of their videos has another hole shot in it by the police? The AP is reporting that Vera did call the cops on these two GOP juvenile delinquents:

Police say a worker with the activist group ACORN who was caught on video giving advice about human smuggling to a couple posing as a pimp and a prostitute had reported the incident to authorities.

Police have confirmed that Vera reported it to them. That means two of their videos have been proven as being nothing more than successful at harrassing ACORN workers.

Media Wars: Fox Pokes CNN, CNN Bites Back

Oh, boy -- the slings and arrows are just beginning to fly, and this time it looks like FOX News may have bitten off more than it can chew. And it got bitten back in return. Check out the following video from Media Matters TV (Hat-tip Bob in ABQ of DelphiForums and the Huffington Post):

For more information on this, see How Fox Justifies News Distortion as well as the tag Fox News and Citizen Journalist News Corpse.