A Frank Response In Three, Two, One...

In a discussion over on DelphiForums, a poster by the name of Frank had made some observations regarding the bleak situation that Barack Obama inherited when he stepped into the Oval Office. One particular sentence jumped out at me -- something about two wars.

No! -- the cry of my subconscious was instant, unexpected and vehement. Not two! Four!

I almost felt like I was in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Over the jump, I'll repeat my reasoning.

Fundies Arrested

Patricia Hurtado+David Scheer/Bloomberg:
Ex-Bear Stearns Fund Managers Arrested by FBI Agents (Update3)

Cioffi was a senior portfolio manager of the two funds that collapsed and Tannin served as his chief operating officer. The hedge funds invested almost all of their assets in subprime- mortgage-related securities. [Also see: Brian Baxter/AmLaw: Federal 'Frenzy' Surrounds Arrests of Former Bear Stearns Hedge Fund Managers].

Reminds me of Lou Gottlieb's bit about cowboy movies (from memory): There's no such thing as a bad cowboy, only a sick one. These boys decided to follow the socio path, which always leads to a bad end.
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Photo © Jin Lee/Bloomberg