FINALLY! Minnesota court rules Democrat Al Franken won Senate seat -- UPDATE

Rule of law triumphs in Minnesota.

The State Supreme Court has ruled in his favor by 5 to 0. This means that almost certainly Governor Pawlenty will certify him. AND IT ONLY TOOK HOW MANY DAYS????

Norman Coleman has conceded. Here a link to the NY Times story,


Remember Al Franken -- Whatever Happened to Democratic Election in the USA?

A funny thing. Republicans like to complain about Judicial activism. They also have a lot to say about vote fraud in the recent Iranian elections. But closer to home they have never complained that the US Supreme Court was complicit in fraudulently nullifying the Gore vote and declaring George W. Bush to be the winner by fiat.

AND NOW. And now it has been six months and Al Franken is yet to be seated in the Senate although a majority of votes were cast for him in the Minnesota election. The Minnesota Supreme Court is seemingly withholding any decision rather in the case in order to prevent the Democrats from having a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

Thank You Arlen Specter! Now We're Sure to Get the Following

Thank You Arlen Specter!


Now We're Sure to Get the Following

Michael Collins

We're just about there, the magic 60 figure in the United States Senate.  It's being called a filibuster proof majority for the Democratic Party.  All we need is a belated recognition of the United States Constitution and the rules of the Senate in the form of an official Senator Al Franken (D-MN) and we're ready to rock.

Court Supports Franken. What next?

A Minnesota court ruled Monday night that Democrat Al Franken has defeated Republican Norm Coleman and should be granted the election certificate that will allow him to take his seat in the U.S. Senate. 3-judge panel declares Franken winner

The three-judge panel rejected Coleman's equal-protection arguments, saying that "errors or irregularities identified by contestants in the general election do not violate the mandates of equal protection."

Speaking to reporters outside his home in Minneapolis with his wife, Franni, by his side, Franken said he was "honored and humbled by this great victory" and that the "long delay of seating" Minnesota's next senator comes at a time "when our state badly needs help from Washington."

Seating Franken and Burris: Memo to Congress

Seating Franken and Burris

Al Franken (D-MN) left and Roland Burris (D-IL) right
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Memo to the U.S. Senate:
Try Following the Rules

Michael Collins

We've seen what happens when people don't follow the letter and intent of important laws, particularly those where there is a general consensus and an absence of moral ambiguity.  Consider our history from the implosion of Enron through stock market collapse.  This extreme damage was enabled by the deliberate defiance, evasion, and perversion of rules and laws, all in the service of personal gain for a very few.  Citizens lost $6 trillion in that episode of lawlessness.

President Bush and his administration consistently broke the laws of the United States by illegally tapping phones and emails, "selling" the Iraq invasion based on outright lies, and, in the case of six cabinet officials, participating in the "choreography" of torture sessions.  All of them found the Constitution a nuisance and rendered it meaningless by their actions.  The cost of these violations is incalculable.

A government gains legitimacy through the ascent to shared rules and laws by the vast majority of citizens.  No government can retain legitimacy, however, when the legislature fails to enforce and live by the very laws that they are sworn to protect.

Democrats and Republicans are now unified along party lines in their defiance of the laws.  Is this the new national unity we've been hearing about?