Free Speech TV Launches FreeSpeechTV Video Campaign

From the official Press Release:

Today Free Speech TV launched a public campaign urging Internet users to remember it’s our web, and not the property of large corporations. Find the launch page at

Free Speech TV is using the “It’s Our Web” Campaign to educate the public on the dangers of an Internet subjugated by a cartel of domineering big media corporations. Free Speech TV is also using the campaign to launch its new non-profit, non-commercial open-source based social networking community that can be found at

The video touches on issues such as online privacy/tracking, centralized ownership, and copyright, which have been hitting the headlines lately due to new incursions by big online media conglomerates including the widely distained “Facebook Beacon”.

A growing group of bloggers, independent media organizations, open-source developers, and Internet users have latched onto the video as a rallying cry for an Internet free of invasive marketing and advertising.

Below is the video they've released.

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