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There Was a Protest in Beijing Today

When the International Olympic Committee awarded the 2008 games to that country one of the issues raised was would China allow the press to freely report on the events during the games? And, would the Chinese government allow those who disagree with their policies to protest in Beijing?

In signing the games hosting agreement they agreed to the conditions set by the IOC. Except that neither of these things have come to pass.

Stifling Content That Has Openness -- Japan's Government Passes Potentially Potent Content Control Regulations

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Japan is well known for its love of technology, and is referred to in an AsiaMedia article as "one of the world's most vibrant internet cultures and arguably its biggest blogosphere" -- so it was no wonder that AsiaMedia reports that many people were puzzled by the lack of response to a set of proposed regulations that were passed recently and will be put to Parliament in 2010.