Canadian Civil Liberties Trashed During G20 Protests?

Via DemocracyNow!, news that "Toronto police were secretly given new powers" right before the G20 meetings to arrest people simply because they refused to identify themselves while protesting and other unsettling news in what has been described as a "brutal crackdown" on protesters has civil liberties advocates mulling over their next moves:

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association says it is looking into suing the Toronto police department following mass arrests at the G20 summit last week. It is now estimated that 1,000 people, including many journalists, were arrested. On Thursday, protest rallies were held in Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg against the brutal police crackdown.

Video Below the fold.

China, Russia Want New Monetary System

The Director of China's Central Bank Xiao Chuan has presented a proposal for the adoption of new international reserve currency, one that would not be under the contral of any one nation, and which would be based on functions such as trade pricing and settlements which could be carried out separately from financing the credit needs and imbalances of any one nation, such as the United States. The proposal, which may be presented at the upcoming G-20 meeting in England, was featured on the Chinese Central Bank's website. This proposal may also be considered the answer to Bernanke's expansion of Fed Reserve credit facilities, and intention to buy $300 billion of US Treasury securities. Bernanke's move reduced the value of China's holding of US securities by 5% because of the fallin value of the dollar.