The War on Science

You may have heard rightwing pundits such as columnist David Limbaugh, Texas Governor Rick Perry and Todd Starnes of Fox News tell you (with no real evidence, but with lots of emotional rhetoric) about the war that’s being waged against Christianity.

The Christians are absolutley safe. The Justice Department isn’t going to investigate the claims made by priests during sermons. The FCC isn’t going to regulate church sermons and force priests to be truthful and accurate. The United States Congress isn’t going to order the U.S. Treasury to take the words “In God We Trust” off of our money, and religious programming such as “The 700 Club” will not be taken off American television. Christians make up more than 75 percent of the U.S. population and they run all three branches of the U.S. government. They also control the American mainstream media and comprise most of the U.S. armed forces and law enforcement agencies. With such power and wealth and influence at their command, who in America could possibly wage war against them?

However, while many of you are focused on the fabricated “war on Christianity”, there is a very REAL war going on against science and scientists in America. Unlike David Limbaugh, Rick Perry and Todd Starnes of Fox news, I will sumbit real evidence that this war is being waged.

How Are Your Genes Doing

I'd like to recommend an article that appeared in this past Tuesday's Science Times. Carl Zimmer has written a four page review of new advances in genetics research, Now - The Rest of the Genome, in which he discusses the flexibility which which genes express themselves depending upon circumstances within a given cell or cells. Particular genes apparently are not programmed to produce a specific protein.

Of Quantum Physics and PTSD: The Dots Are Already Connected.

Having read DEFuning's article on Genetic Transmission of PTSD? I know that some of the concepts can be a little strange. I am therefore supplying some background information to show that from what we understand of Quantum Physics, that is, the study of subatomic particles, we can know that this is possible.

Genetic Transmission of PTSD?

originally posted 2008-05-27 14:10:49 -- interesting developments to watch -- bumped, cho

What's new here is the researcher's Ken O'Brien has graciously returned to answer the comments, scroll down them to read about interesting developments in the genetics of PTSD. -- cho

I don't know yet what quite to make of this and will reserve judgment until I read the whole study when it is presented but this has me gobsmacked! I present this for your viewing pleasure. From the Aussies:

"QUT researcher Ken O'Brien will present his findings[tonight] that elements of PTSD are passed genetically to children of Vietnam veterans.
``It's about looking at PTSD and how it is handed down through the generations and becomes called ADHD, Aspergers and autism,'' Mr O'Brien said."

Of Transgenic Mice and Men: The Rats of NIMH Meet Universal Soldier

When I was in grade school, one of the many reading assignments given to students included a book titled Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.1

The novel relates the plight of a widowed field mouse, Mrs. Frisby, whose family must travel every year to a summer home to avoid being mowed by the farmer who owns the land she and her family live on. When Mrs. Frisby's son, Timothy, becomes ill, Mrs. Frisby must venture for help. [...snip...] ...from a nest of rats which lives nearby under a rose bush.

She discovers that the nest is a community of long-lived, super-intelligent rats, [...snip...]

The rats had been captured and experimented upon by people from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

Part of the series of experiments at NIMH involved an acceleration of their intelligence. They were able to learn to read, write, and operate complicated machines. Their new intelligence was much more developed than their captors realised, because they were able to escape from the NIMH laboratories and migrate to their present location. She learns, too, that her husband had been part of a group of mice who had been at NIMH with the rats...

[Emphasis mine.]

It was an interesting book, and the tale has been popularized through reprintings and made into a movie. Although the technology for breeding "super-" anything has been dreamt of for years,2 but it wasn't one I gave much additional thought to until I ran across a curious article just the other day...

That stubborn, stupid's genetic.

Well well marches on, and we now find some answers to one of the most puzzling questions that has haunted us over these past seven years.

Remember how, no matter what facts come to light and no matter how often George W. Bush and friends are caught lying or committing other crimes, they are invariably, inexplicably supported by 25-30% of Americans? We now have an apparent explanation for this.

A Fish Story to Give Racists Pause

Hey fellas here's the perfect send-up for those claims about the superiority of the so-called "white" race. It just so happens that that they share the genes that determine their pale mottled complexion with the stickle back fish. I kid you not, here are excerpts from a Howard Hughes Medical Institute press release

Same Genetic Machinery Generates Skin Color Evolution in Fish and Humans