The Collapse of Imperial Day Dreams: Why Cheney Is Travelling to the Former Soviet East Bloc

While George Bush and John McCain are playing a cold-war version of monopoly to try to establish a U.S. military presence on Russia’s borders, and in the process, rally the U.S. electorate behind the Republicans, the Russians appear to be playing economic chess. While we have become military bullies whose diplomacy has devolved to brandishing our mighty imperial status as the only superpower, the Russians are calling for a multi-power world and apparently putting their money where their mouths are. Hat tip to Spengler at Asia Times, Americans play Monopoly, Russians chess"for the analogy.

Border Clash on Georgia/Russian border

update by carol. Originally posted 2008-08-08 12:37:43 -0500; Map image from Global Guerillas

John McCain has again been caught with his hand in the cookie job. One of his top campaign advisors is a lobbyist for Georgia. McClatchy carries the story, by Greg Gordon.