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Open Thread - Digging in the Dirt

Digging Into polling numbers - From ctblogger at MLN, a little bit on Connecticut's version of The Drudge Report and the biased polls they paid for:

New York Times FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver offers his take on Merriman River Group's congressional polling for that site that inflates it's stats.


...that's putting it mildly. Hopefully, in the future the statewide media will take future polling from CTCapitolReport with a grain of salt.

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Update: Stop Bush from Closing Our Public Hospitals

The Bush Administration has published a list of twelve proposed Medicaid Rules changes which will cut at least $15 billion over five years from our public health budget. If the rules changes go into effect in March and May as scheduled, they will result in closures or scaling back of Emergency Rooms, outpatient clinics, teaching hospitals, school based clinics, public hospitals, services to the disabled and case management. I have previously diaried the rules changes in detail.

Why the House Dems May Be Finally Showing Some Backbone

All of us have expressed plenty of frustrated anger over the congressional Dems failure to act on the 2006 voter mandate. Time and again we have seen them capitulating to Bush for fear of appearing soft on the War on Terrorism or failing our troops, and so on. Finally signs of change are appearing on the horizon.

Bush on Bush

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Or, how to be delusional about ones legacy.

George Bush last week gave interviews to various Middle East news outlets in preparation for his visit this week to the Middle East. In answering the questions its clear that George W. Bush is living in a parallel universe of his own construction.

Israel's Channel 2 News