G.I. Bill

Yesterday was the 64th Anniversary

And what Anniversary would that be, you ask, Well:

Of President Franklin Roosevelt's signing of the GI Bill, which enabled millions of veterans to go to college, and is credited for sparking the post-war economic boom.

And fuel the growth of this Nation it did, I grew up in that time frame, not only of many getting the opportunity to further their education in our Universities and Colleges but the birth of Trade Schools teaching a wide veriaty of Professional Industrial Trades, many now no longer done in this country or are rapidly on the wane.

Medal Of Honor Recipient’s Father:


They seem to be the ones coming out and showing the civilian and military leadership, as well as this apathedic country, how the Military Troops should be treated!

From the deployable living conditions in military base barracks, World Wide, to newly built barracks that are now housing those suffering with PTSD, from their Multiple Tours in these theaters of occupations, 200yrds from a Firing Range, with day and night fire practice on a veriaty of arms!

Another father comes forward, still grieving the loss of his soldier son in one of those theaters:

Putting the Spin on S.22

Lets see, we've been in this Growing Technology Age for How Long?

VA warns of problems with GI Bill upgrades

The Department of Veterans Affairs seemed to be standing in front of a fast-moving train Wednesday when a top official said VA would need two years of preparation to come up with a payment system for a proposed overhaul of GI Bill education benefits.

We spend Billions on Defense Bubgets, never going down, always increasing, and yet!

Combat Vets as Students

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The News & Observer has a good report on the returning OIF and OEF Veterans as some transition to Students in Colleges and Universities around the country, reporting on some of the problems they face in that transition from combat soldier to student.

This could have been expanded, as many already have found out as others before you went through the same, to the transition from In-Theater Soldiers to Civilian life not just as Students