A heartwarming story that skewers Santorum's bias against gay adoption

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Oh, wow - what a great story, and a perfect rejoinder to idiotic statements like the recent one by Rick Santorum (

Meet the Hams: Two Arizona gay men who have adopted TWELVE children

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One Nation Two Spirits ... Our Native American Brothers & Sisiters

One segment of the LGBT community which is overlooked, most likely not even thought of, are our Native American brothers and sisters.

I became aware of Two Spirits about a year ago when adding categories to my link blog LGBT Rainbow Links.

Aside from being part of our community, the history of Two Spirits goes back before the first Europeans set foot in The New World.

Michael Jackson's Death Boosts Readership Of LGBT Newscenter

It's a sad fact but Michael Jackson's death boosted The LGBT Newscenter's readership to over 500 on Thursday creating the highest one day readership since readership tracking of the site was started a week ago.

With the live CBS News feed featuring coverage from KCBS-TV and then late in the evening another Los Angeles TV station, it provided LGBT Internet users non-stop television coverage for several hours of the sad breaking news of Jackson's death.

A special West Coast edition of The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric was also streamed live.

Also on The LGBT Newsc

Not A Stellar Day For LGBTs

In a double whammy on Monday, first the Supreme Court refused to hear a challenge to the policy of Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Many see President Barack Obama dragging his feet as he has yet to do anything about DADT despite campaign promises he would champion the repeal of DADT.

IS HRC Complicit In Keeping DADT Status Quo ?

Earlier this week, Jason Bellini a distinquished journalist formally of CNN, CBS and host of CBS News on LOGO, wrote and presented a video report on the website The Daily Beast in regards to whether HRC (Human Rights Campaign, an LGBT pro-rights group) may have had a hand in and struck a deal with the Obama Administration in delaying taking action on DADT in favor of other LGBT issues.

My Commentary About Taking Gay Marriage To The Supreme Court

It's been a couple of weeks since I wrote that I may not be posting here very much. But as for the most part I now work on my blogs Monday through Friday only, this will allow me to do a posting here at ePluribus on the weekends when I something I would like to cover or bring to your attention a commentary at my blog FOCUS.

Is It Appropriate To OUT Someone ?

This has been a sore subject with me ever since the magazine OUT was first published and the OUTING craze began back in the 90's.

Lately at just about every turn when either I'm checking news for myself or my blogs, someone, somewhere on the Internet or publications (which I read via website) are outing, attempting to out or are yelling from the highest pink mountain peak that so and so should come out and be a role model.

Really !?!

Two links I have for you today.

What a great 18 hours to be in the LGBT news business

Promoted. Originally posted 2009-04-04 09:49:15 -0500. -- GH

It started about Noon (ET) Thursday afternoon looking for feeds to cover the Vermont House vote on same-sex marriage.

After finding an audio feed from Vermont NPR and a video feed from WPTZ an NBC affiliate in upstate New York I was ready to cover this event by tweeting updates on the Twitter feed LGBTNEWSCENTER, the feed for LGBT Rainbow Links Newscenter.

Cyber Attacks Are Attacks On Free Speech

Earlier this morning I wrote a commentary piece on my LGBT commentary blog about the cyber attack on the popular LGBT news and opinion website, Bilerico Project, which occurred this past Thursday.

While this was the subject of reports in the LGBT press, of course it has not been reported in the mainstream press.

Why should you who are not part of the LGBT community care ?

Because this is an attack on what we Americans hold dear as one of our Rights.

Freedom of Speech.

"Be all that you can be .. in the Army"

The Army's slogan for many years in their commercials has been "Be all that you can be" and it gives the inspiring notion that if you join the Army you can achieve great things limited only by yourself.

With one little exception, you can't be all that you are as a person thanks to DADT.

So much for Truth in Advertising.


The anti-gay extremist religious group American Family Association is all bothered over a Pepsi ad because in addition to showing lovely ladies eyeing a hunk walking down a sidewalk (plus a chichauha, they apparently don't have a problem with bestiality) a man eyes the hunk and starts to follow him.
And of course they have started a write-in campaign on the AFA website and call to boycott Pepsi. AFA is very nice enough to point out what Pepsi has done for the LGBT community as follows ....


    That's just one of the things that Brian Dugger was told when he worked for the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

    Dugger seeks at least $1.9 million in punitive damages; $650,000 in general and special damages (lost wages and benefits, emotional distress); as well as statutory damages and a declaration that TBN is subject to the Fair Employment and Housing Act.

    If they didn't have gays to bash who would they write about ?

    Well the past couple of days have been worthwhile for a couple of gay bashing writers.

    First we have the defeat of workplace protection based on sexual orientation in Idaho or as Bryan Fischer wrote on the website Renew America under the headline Gay rights suffers well-deserved defeat in Idaho: