Glenn Greenwald

Conversations that we should have put behind us

But that we are still having regardless of the party in power. This is truly the most disturbing aspect of the Obama administration and the Democratic party overall:

Obama’s top Terrorism adviser John Brennan recently suggested that there could be “dozens” of Americans who have been targeted for assassination, and  Glenn Greenwald appeared on the Dylan Ratigan show today to discuss the implications.

Video of the interview below the fold:

A pie fight between an incompetent poseur and a real journalist...

There has been a lot said and written about the current arguments between Salon's Glenn Greenwald and Time's Joe Klein. I wonder what the real journalist will have to say in response to Klein?

That didn't take long?

Beltway culture, checks on journalists and secrecy obligations

I'm ambivalent about whether even to acknowledge this obviously disturbed, Cheneyite rant from Joe Klein.  On the one hand, I don't want to be dragged down into what is, for him, quite clearly a deeply emotional and personal matter (having its roots in things like this, this and this); I don't think very many people care about petty feuds and engaging them isn't the purpose of what I do here.  Moreover, Klein's commenters (as usual) have done a thorough and masterful job of demolishing what he wrote, as have several others.  On the other hand, when someone like Klein -- first in a secret club composed of several hundred journalists, editors, bloggers and other peers and colleagues, and then using a megaphone like Time -- repeatedly calls you a military-hating, unpatriotic, ignorant, Limbaugh-like, "mean-spirited, dishonorable, graceless, bully" who doesn't care if America Stays Safe, and that then is "reported" in various places, it's probably prudent to say something.  So I'll just make a couple of general points illustrated by all of this that I think are worth making: (Read On...)