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Saturday Mid-Day Open Thread: Sage Advice, Motorcycling Edition

  • Posted on: 13 November 2010
  • By: Open Thread

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Health and safety concerns permeate almost every aspect of our day-to-day life. Sometimes, these concerns manifest themselves in obvious ways. Other times, not so much. Sometimes, the role of health and safety is recalled to our conscious awareness through tragedy, violence or anger. Other times, it is through the gentle gestures of a stranger who catches us off guard with his or her concern.

Below is an excerpt from a post on DelphiForums by a friend, Becca. Becca likes motorcycles. An avid rider, she's into all aspects of biking and pretty well informed. The other day, she had an encounter that she thought was well worth sharing.

Check it out:


Today I was out riding my motorcycle. I was wearing full leathers, had a tank bag, I should have looked like I knew what I was doing. I made a right-hand turn at an intersection and travelled down the road to another intersection and stopped for the light. A man behind me blipped his horn once or twice to get my attention. I looked back, and he was waving me to stay put. He put on his hazards and got out of his truck. He walked to me - with a pronounced limp. He *very politely* dressed me down for A) not signaling my turn, and more importantly B) didn't look all around before making my move. He explained that he has ridden a motorcycle for 40 years, racing, riding, just about everything you could think to do on a motorcycle. He was absolutely right, too, about my inattention, and I told him so and thanked him for giving me a wake-up call.

Before we parted, I noticed he was wearing digital camouflage and a Marines T-shirt. I asked him if he was a Marine, and he said yes. I held out my hand and said, "Thank you for your service." He smiled and headed back to his truck.

Thinking about it, that was a fantastically nice thing for someone to do. It took guts and it took smarts. It probably also took a loss of someone who also rode, but I don't want to think about that. I'm just thankful that such people exist.


With all the griping, sniping, angry sign-carrying, name calling, conspiracy theorizing and incitement-inducing going on out in the world today, there are still those among us who take the time to look out for others and to speak their mind.

There's still hope for us -- as a nation, as a race and for life on earth.

We just have to get used to the thought of being more like the Marine who stopped to talk to my friend.

In the comments, please share any encounters or experiences you have had that helped to remind you about basic health and safety concerns, or illustrate how the good intentions others may have brightened your day (or week, month, year, life, etc.).

And, as always, remember: This is an Open Thread.

On another note, some sad news: Dupa T. Parrot -- a.k.a. George Brickner -- has passed away. George, through his online role as Dupa, served as the source of several posts that appeared on ePluribus Media over the years, and often shared such tidbits for discussion among his friends on Delphi. He will be sorely missed.