Google Wave

Google Wave

Originally posted just a short while before the Open Thread (2009-11-30 08:17:14 -0500), I've bumped it back to the top because I posted w/o looking both ways before crossing the river. :) -- GH

One of the things that intrigued me, originally, was one of the reviews saying it would be good for Community Blogs and Bloggers wanting to research and work on pieces together. I asked one of my Blog friends (Bob Morris) that had been using it for a while if he thought it would be good for just that and he agreed that it would. So I signed up a while back for Google Wave and it does have a lot of functionality for people that are working on projects
together. I finally got in there this weekend (you might have to wait
a while if you sign up today) and was poking around in their Beta version.

I can also say that it is on the road to becoming everything they said it would be, and then some. It is good for messaging, sharing a video, images or to share any bits or pieces of info you might find out there on the net. And everyone or anyone you share it with can add to whatever you post, easily, if you want them to.

To add to the functionality of the site? Little bonus apps you can add to your personal Google Wave tool box like:

  • Ribbit for conferencing - Ribbit is a fully programmable communications platform that
    allows web developers to integrate telephony and messaging capabilities
    into any workflow or application. Combining Ribbit with Google Wave means real-time, asynchronous
    audio streams can now be inserted into any Wave.
    Participants can collaborate using voice in live
    conference sessions and by leaving audio messages.
    Both of these streams become an integral part of the
    Wave collaboration process, providing additional channels
    of communication and significantly enhancing the overall
    Wave collaboration experience.
  • 6Rounds - Want to talk abouit a video you want to use and how to use it in a post or how to edit material from one to use in a certain post? Yeah... I know, it looks like a typical flirt place BUT, I also know some video Bloggers that will enjoy and recognize the functionality of this in Google Wave for VBlogging.

There is a lot of other stuff that you will like. This seems to be the most functional tool for political Blogging (for any kind of Blogging) I have seen in years. In fact, I can't think of any business that will not see some kind of use for it. And the sooner you sign up for it the sooner you will see what I mean.