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Former GOP Rep. Tom DeLay Sentenced Today

And so it finally happens:

Daily Kos: Breaking: Tom DeLay Gets 3 Years In Prison

Justice at last! Thank goodness for straight arrow judges like Judge Priest who are not impressed or intimidated by a defendant's political connections.

Sentenced to 3 years for "conspiracy to commit political money laundering" and second sentence of 5 years for "money laundering" - the second of which was reduced to 10 years probation by the judge - DeLay feels no remorse for his crimes:

DeLay was taken into custody by Travis County deputies, but will be released on $10,000 bail pending appeal.

DeLay pleaded for himself before visiting District Judge Pat Priest.

"I don't feel remorseful for something I don't think I did," DeLay told the judge.

Prosecutors urged Priest to sentence DeLay to prison immediately. But defense lawyer Dick DeGuerin said the case destroyed DeLay's political career and life and that was punishment enough.

Any guesses how long before this political elitist gets a pardon from the Republican Governor? Wait for it, Wait for it...

Fact: Former GOP House Leader Is Now The Criminal Tom DeLay

So sayeth a jury of his peers:

Tom DeLay, Ex-House Majority Leader, Found Guilty in Money-Laundering Trial

A Texas jury Wednesday found Tom DeLay, the former House majority leader and Texas political powerhouse, guilty in a money-laundering trial involving contributions to political campaigns. The verdict was the latest chapter in a long legal battle that forced Mr. DeLay to step down. The trial also opened a window on the world of campaign financing in Washington, as jurors heard testimony about large contributions flowing to Mr. DeLay from corporations seeking to influence him and junkets to posh resorts where the congressman would rub shoulders with lobbyists in return for donations.

DeLay could face life in prison for the money laundering charges.

This part is of particular interest, IMHO, because it implies that the Republican National Committee is a central part of the laundering scheme:

Grand Old Party of Teabaggers and Business has Infringed Energizer Bunny Trademark for a Decade

Yesterday Dailykos diarist, 'the girl', hit the recommended diary list with her post of the powerful impact one person may produce in the simple act of shining bright light into the dark space created by deception.

The inherent power over an adversary that is achieved by lying is particularly odious in application to public affairs.  Large sums of money are invested by private concerns to intentionally distort public understanding of matters of great importance, like the current policy debates on health care or climate change, for example. 

Big Tobacco and Big Oil have spent enough money in recent decades to create and sustain whole industries designed for the single purpose of misleading citizens and the decisions of our policy-makers in public affairs.

Because fairness is not part of the organization charter, corporate concerns have only the bottomline at stake which ultimately requires directors --NOT to equitable policy debates but-- to maximize shareholder value.  And, so, we documented the secret memo series through which Big Tobacco bought the GOP half of American party politics to deceptively achieve protection from legal liability beginning in 1994.

So, the big money behind the teabaggers has been trained on the biggest lies for decades already.

When 'the girl' found them also infringing the Energizer Bunny trademark (the prohibited, unfair use of a registered corporate icon) with its use in attacks on public health care policy plans, her notification of the trademark owners at Eveready was enough to move them to consider legal action

Republicans and Voter Fraud: Projecting?

Hat-tip to JSixis of Delphi Forums for point out the piece by Stephen C. Webster of Rawstory for his piece Court document: Republican election judge bought votes with OxyContin. It's kinda funny that while the GOP and their rabid rabble scream "voter fraud!" and point at Acorn, they're marvelously silent on stories like this one.

Quoting from a quote excerpted in the Raw Story piece from Bill Estep of the Kentucky Herald-Leader:


According to court documents, some worked at polling places, making sure people voted for candidates they were supposed to and then giving them stickers or tickets, which the voters then showed at other locations to get cash from others involved in the conspiracy.

The indictment said Bishop, a Republican election officer in the Manchester precinct in 2002 and 2004, hosted meetings at his house where candidates for office pooled money to use in buying votes.

He also bought votes at the polling place, giving voters a mark or ticket so they could get paid later, the indictment says.

Bishop and [elections official William] Stivers also used OxyContin to buy votes at the direction of [School Superintendent Douglas] Adams in 2002, former Manchester assistant police Chief Todd Roberts told investigators, according to another court document.

Sounds like one heckuva job, and one helluva operation. No wonder they're paranoid.

Failing to Heed: Lieberman, GOP Corruption and a Nation Lost and Adrift

Crossposted from DailyKos and to BelowBoston.

There have been plenty of signs along the way -- bright, gaudy, glaring signs to some of us, which only now stand out to others in hindsight. Joe Lieberman is a former Democratic leader, now compromised by his claims of faux bi-partisanship and blatant support of Republican candidates, policies and talking points.

Scott In NJ's diary Harry Reid can't strip Lieberman of his committee assignments and Steve Singiser's diary Senator Reid: Show Me Something. Expel Lieberman Tomorrow. both wrangle with the issue. A brief blurb I put up over on ePluribus Media 2.0 provides a short collection of some of the signs, portents and their meanings.

What does it all mean? Has this all been avoidable, or are we as a nation perpetually stuck watching a Congressional rendition of kabuki theatre in a Potempkin village,1 hoping in vain for our broken system of government to fix itself and justify our efforts to get our nation back to some semblance of a true Democracy?