GOP crime syndicate

Fact: Former GOP House Leader Is Now The Criminal Tom DeLay

So sayeth a jury of his peers:

Tom DeLay, Ex-House Majority Leader, Found Guilty in Money-Laundering Trial

A Texas jury Wednesday found Tom DeLay, the former House majority leader and Texas political powerhouse, guilty in a money-laundering trial involving contributions to political campaigns. The verdict was the latest chapter in a long legal battle that forced Mr. DeLay to step down. The trial also opened a window on the world of campaign financing in Washington, as jurors heard testimony about large contributions flowing to Mr. DeLay from corporations seeking to influence him and junkets to posh resorts where the congressman would rub shoulders with lobbyists in return for donations.

DeLay could face life in prison for the money laundering charges.

This part is of particular interest, IMHO, because it implies that the Republican National Committee is a central part of the laundering scheme:

Darrell Issa's reign of intended terror to be a blast? Subcommittee chairs as sitting ducks!!

I think Darrell Issa forgets the true nature of modern Republicanism and its heart of crooked gold. 

Man, this could be a 'blast', so to speak, when Issa lines the crooks up with subcommittee chair appointments! 

Maybe journalism can revive itself if the ducks are going to line themselves up like that. Especially in a context of "Oversight and Reform", the hypocrisy amplifier effect will never be so large again!!