GOP dirty tricks

Shorter Breitbart:

"I don't fact check at all":

Andrew Breitbart, who published the video clip of Shirley Sherrod's speech that led to her forced resignation, tells TPM he doesn't have the entire video either and that the clip came to him from a source already edited. But he's seen enough: "I think the video speaks for itself. The way she's talking about white people ... is conveying a present tense racism in my opinion. But racism is in the eye of the beholder."

"And you can't make me!"

Who can take anything Breitbart and his gonzo criminal journalists cronies writes or produces seriously when they act on right wing lunacy without even a cursory look at the background sources and the facts? Below the fold is some recent news from Jed Lewison at dKos.

Bad Faith Betrays Hispanics in a Milwaukee Primary Race

via Global Girl - Madison, Wisconsin - When I received a ring from a friend calling from the Government Accountability Board (GAB) informing me that the GAB had unanimously ruled against Laura Manriquez’ effort to knock both of her Democratic primary opponents, Jose Guzman and state Rep. Pedro Colón, off the ballot for a Milwaukee assembly seat, I felt true schadenfreude.