GOP hypocrisy

They got a lot damned gaul talking like that:

It was bad enough listening to the Obama administration and Democratic party politicians, in general, talking about student loans and using all of the same arguments we were making for Single Payer as the reasoning to change that system but refusing to use the same arguments for healthcare...

But watching the GOP use the same Single Payer arguments to protect Big Oil from the high costs of insuring their own disasters?

Just way beyond the pale:

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Boehner v. Boehner, Rachel Maddow Edition

Rachel Maddow points out the stark reality: the GOP has no plan beyond saying "No" to health reform, and this is perfectly encapsulated simply by comparing the hypocritical criticisms of John Boehner -- first the plan was too long, now the outline for the healthcare plan is too short. If ever any person clearly earned the title of "Goldilocks" on the Hill, our man with the elephantine orange perpetual tint John Boehner is that person.


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Reality laps satire yet again.

This is an Open Thread.

Hat-tip to LordRag of DelphiForums for the catch.