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Chickens Come Home to Roost: Lurita Doan

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Since its inception in 2005 the members of ePluribus Media have built a large body of published stories on the systemic abuse and corruption generated by the Bush Administration and its Loyal Bushies. Lately, we have been seeing some of these "chickens coming home to roost." Lurita Doan is the latest in the flock that is giving us something to "crow about."

Lurita Doan was nominated by President Bush in April of 2006 to head the Government Service Agency which controls, among other things, the awarding of government contracts and in May of 2006 she was unanimously confirmed. By April of 2007 she was in front of congress doin' some s'plainin' about the way she was running the organization.

As CNN reports:

Doan's resignation comes 10 months after the government's the Office of Special Counsel recommended to the White House that she be disciplined to the "fullest extent" for violating federal laws against using government employees for political purposes, a finding she denied.

It seems as if cronyism is just, well, second nature to this crew:

The agency's inspector general criticized Doan for signing off on a $20,000 no-bid contract with a friend's public relations agency and accused her of "a disregard for the rules" in managing the $17 billion agency.

Keith Barratt wrote an op-ed on Lurita's congressional testimony, highlighting the arrogance and disrespect Ms. Doan conveyed when testifying. This op-ed was published on the ePluribus Media Journal [now in the Archives]. Has the term "public service" lost meaning for our private corporations?.

Under Oversight: IBM's Big Blues; Pyrotech Stunned

Jeff Horwitz/LegalTimes: IBM Bid Suspension Rattles Contractors
The EPA suspension on March 27 meant IBM contract bids government-wide had to be discarded, and it wasn't just IBM's headache. In the following days, McCullough took calls from clients hurriedly throwing together contingency plans on bids that involved IBM in case the $1.3-billion-a-year government vendor would be knocked out of the game for a while. [Via LawCom]
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Amy Leigh Woman/ Government indicts Byron munitions company
Three FBI agents were injured on Oct. 14, 2004, during a kidnapping investigation when a defective "flash bang" grenade prematurely detonated while it was still in a SWAT team agent's tactical vest pocket, according to the indictment. [Via McClatchy]

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KBR, Half a Billion Dollars in Payroll Taxes, Not Paid!!!!

During work today I caught the following on NPR's Here and Now which comes out of Boston, and while it was a real nice, and comfortable, bright sunny day, My Freaking Rage Level Hit Sky High!!!