Green Energy

Air Conditioning Tips I Used to Lower my Energy Bill

Air conditioners were introduced 10 years back and have improved and advanced a lot since then. The main reason for no effective cooling in your house can be due to the lower or older version of AC that is incapable of providing enough cooling in your house. The older versions of the AC are made on the seasonal energy efficiency ratio ranging from 6-7.

HVDC: Piping in the Sun, to a City near you?

If only we could take all that Solar Energy baking the World's Deserts,

Bottle it up, (using modern technology),

and send it to the Metropolitan areas, that run on Energy.

EcoEnergy 101: Wind Farm vs Salmon vs Tesla Technology

(and No ... the Fish aren't being electrocuted!)

But it does seem that our 19th Century Power Grid is already putting the Brakes on the 21th Century Green Energy transformation (already in progress, in some areas) ...

Find out how ... and what should be done about it ...