A Nation of Suckers

Bumped and promoted. Originally posted 2008-09-18 09:33:30 -0500, from the same person who brought you Christians Who Hate Christ. Enjoy. -- GH

Imagine you bought a used car back in 2003 and after driving it around for a few months you discovered that the odometer had been rolled back, the airbags had been deployed and never replaced, the spare tire in the trunk was bald and the transmission had been so badly abused that it burnt out in six months.

Would you buy another used car from the same salesman?

Hopefully, after getting burned by the same salesman once, you would never trust him a second time. Sadly, people in America seem to like being suckered.


Today the government announced the employment statistics for December 2007; Microsoft put a bid of $44.6 billion for Yahoo; financial anal-ysts, banking industry insiders, home mortgage brokers, and over-the-hedge-fund advisors ran screaming into the streets; and - directly to the title - damage from the (radio-controlled) car crashing into the DJSE was neglible.

The Liliputian driver claimed he was forced off the road by the actions of one of the giants on Wall Street, shown in the above image from HPI Racing/Europe.

Just shows to go-ya: never let industry giants have access to the controls.