Open Thread: Haiti Revisited

haiti earthquake From the BBC we get an audio slideshow of ...

Life in a camp in Haiti

In January an earthquake in Haiti killed up to 230,000 people and left more than one million homeless.

As the rainy season began, photographer Jake Price travelled to a number of the many camps that house some of those left homeless and presents his impressions of those struggling to rebuild their lives.

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Hitting bottom at the top - White House forgets to lead on Haiti

People are dying in Haiti because they can’t get out, Dr. Green said. Shala Dewan, New York Times, January 29

Many of us wanted to think that the dreadful behavior during the Bush
administration was some sort of aberration. We had a relatively clean
election and ended up with a more intelligent and compassionate
president who would reflect our views. There would be no more foreign
invasions (wrong); we'd take care of the people before the Wall Street
failures (wrong); and there would be no more Katrinas, without any

MIAMI — The United States has suspe

nded its medical evacuations of critically injured Haitian earthquake victims until a dispute over who will pay for their care is settled, military officials said Friday. NYT

Why are "military officials" saying anything in a situation where
the lives of people are involved and the reputation of the United
States is on the line. Where's the White House?

It's the "New Haiti"

Michel Collins

The appointment of former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush
as key players in Haitian relief should cause the people of Haiti grave
concern, if they weren't otherwise preoccupied with survival. These
former presidents' records as pro-life advocates on the international
scene is tarnished by real world outcomes.

During his eight years as president, Clinton was responsible for sanctions on Iraq that resulted in the deaths of 170,000 children under five.
Former President George W. Bush exceeded that death toll by invading
Iraq.   That  caused civil chaos and conflict among Iraqis leading to
the deaths of over one million citizens in that tragic nation. When you see these two coming, their record speaks for itself. 


What will happen in Haiti? What can the citizens of that nation
expect? It's instructive to look at the post Katrina rescue effort with
a focus on New Orleans as a prototype.

Economic Collapse Watch: Riots in Haiti over Food Prices

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In The Crash is past. Comes now Inflation, on March 2 (it seems so long ago), I warned that the official response to the financial crises so far was to save Wall Street and the financial system at all costs; that inflation was being unleashed; and this would mean a severe decline in our standard of living over the next few years. I alluded to a rise in food prices being one immediate cause of pain, and intimated that social unrest would be the result.

It’s happening much faster than I thought possible.