Chatting with Chomsky

A friend, jeeidunno, has been doing a little bit of part time volunteer radio reporting and has been running a series of interesting interviews. Here is a Noam Chomsky Radio Interview from February 20, 2009, that is about 15 minutes long and in two parts. I think you will enjoy it because he asks great questions and gives the people he talks to plenty of time to answer. Something that you may no longer be used to from our sound bite media. Grab yourself a cup of java and enjoy:

"Noam Chomsky discusses the Israeli Elections, the War on Gaza, Hamas, US Policy, Obama and Activism."

Part I:

Part II is below the fold.

Reinventing Our Relations With the Muslim World: An Interview With Former CIA Analyst Emile Nakhleh

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Building consensus within America’s body politic and national security establishment for a new way forward with Muslims worldwide is a formidable challenge. Many Americans still don’t appreciate the complex nuances of Muslim society and remain stubbornly Islamophobic almost seven and half years after 9/11. Equally formidable is earning the goodwill of Muslims worldwide following the Iraq War as well as American atrocities perpetrated upon Islamic detainees at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib. Hopefully, President Obama’s historic election has finally opened a path for constructive conversation about how America can most effectively engage the Muslim world.

Open Thread: Brezhinsky Speaks Out; Bagojevich Makes His Move

In an interview this morning, Zbigniew Brzezinski condemned the Israeli assault on Gaza. While admitting that missiles fired at Israel over the past months were a provocation by Hamas, he said that there had been no Israeli's killed and that the Israeli response has been disproportionate with more than 400 Palestinians killed so far. While laying blame on the Israeli government, he strongly condemned the Bush Administration for failing to seriously engage in the peace process but instead giving Israel unqualified support.


New M/E War Looming as Israeli Bombs Gaza


Palestinian civilians run during an Israeli airstrike in the Jabalya refugee camp in Gaza on Monday.

Palestinian civilians run during an Israeli airstrike in the Jabalya refugee camp in Gaza on Monday, CNN News report.

"It's very bad -- people are running in all directions because of the bombings that are happening everywhere," Karen AbuZayd said from Gaza City.

She spoke as Israeli planes fired missiles on Gaza City. Militants in Gaza had fired more than 40 missiles into southern Israel on Monday, killing one person, Israeli police said.

"People are very agitated because the bombings are now concentrating on individual houses and individual families, apparently," AbuZayd said. "So one's never quite sure where it's going to be."

"People are beginning to fight among themselves, and it's just a chaotic time, she said.

This is the third day of that Israeli's having been pounding population dense Gaza, Israeli troops have sealed in the area, creating seige conditions and a looming huminatarian disaster.