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When Will We (Really) Prosecute Hate Crimes?: A DC Election Night Attack Was One of Far Too Many!


The last few weeks have been a roller coaster for this African-American Obama supporter.  Anticipation, stress, and fear—anxious, gut-twisting paranoia.  I made nervous jokes about lynchings, and watched while Obama-supporting white colleagues and fellow Americans continued to behave, paradoxically, in the blatantly yet (officially) invisibly racist fashion that I’ve become accustomed to. 

The Phelps Phund -- Turning Back Hate and Fostering Progress

On January 22, 2008, Australian actor Heath Ledger died. On that very same day, the fanatical Westboro Baptist Church posted a news release chock-full of their hate-filled vitriol that announced their intention to picket the funeral.

The cult-like hate group, which claims that it is their love for all that inspires their actions (to save the souls of homosexuals), appears to have enormous resources. They often fly on short notice to picket funerals of homosexuals, trangendered people and -- most recently -- they have even added soldiers to their list of targets. They claim that events like 9/11, Hurrican Katrina and all the major catastrophes and wars impacting the US today are God's punishment to the nation.1

It's time to use their own fervor against them.