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Health Series: Bingaman Video Exclusive

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I had the good fortune to travel to Washington, DC., and interview Senator Jeff Bingaman on September 18 about Medicare for All, the Baucus Bill and other topics related to health care reform.

Everybody's favorite diarist, Land of Enchantment, was kind enough to edit my video and post it on YouTube.

Thank you LoE for putting up with me and editing the video! It is embedded after the fold. A summary (not a transript) of Parts One and Two follows the videos for the YouTube impaired.


First, a disclaimer:

I am not a professional journalist and I happen to like my Senator. Last winter, a few New Mexico County health directors got wind of a quiet Bush Administration plan to eliminate emergency rooms serving the uninsured through an arcane change of regulations. We could not believe the lack of news coverage, and went to Senator Bingaman for help. He took on the issue (with no help from leadership in either party, or any other Senator), and successfully pushed through a moratorium on the rules changes as an amendment to the budget for Iraq.

I diaried our Medicaid Rules Adventure here and here.

He could just as easily have let all the indigent and teaching hospitals go under and then blamed the Republican Party. That's why I like him.

Here's the vid in two parts. Please don't hold the camerawork against me!

Part 1


from Campaign for America's Future

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1. CBO-KAY! Senate HELP Bill Rebounds
By Tim Foley
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Republicans have made hay for the past few weeks on how Ted Kennedy's bill cost too much ($1 trillion dollars) and covered too few (only an additional 16 million).  Of course, that score was on a partial bill, one that the Congressional Budget Office itself claimed "[does] not represent a formal or complete cost estimate for the draft legislation" (italics theirs.)  It also lacked the details on the individual mandate, the employer "pay or play" mandate, and the public health insurance option.  But Kennedy and Chris Dodd have kept at it, undeterred from the catcalls, and have finally delivered the goods.  According to Jon Cohn on The Treatment, the new, full bill is in.
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