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Why? So they can move on to looking for the next loophole?

Sorry, but given these unethical corporations efforts to skirt the newly proposed laws - the very first loophole they saw was one that let them screw kids over - what do you expect them to do?

Dems Call On Health Insurers To Stop Dropping Sick Customers

"These rescissions hurt patients who need coverage the most, such as women diagnosed with breast cancer," the letter reads. "We are writing to ask all of your companies to end any such abusive practices immediately."

The group of Democrats calls on insurers to create a third party board that would review all recissions for evidence of "fraud or material misrepresentation" on the part of the insurance. If th evidence is not there, the recission would be denied.

Dems are asking corporations that are legally bound to find every way they can to make profit for investors to ignore one law in order to plug a hole in a flawed healthcare law? You may as well be asking a fox to stop eating chickens or a Congress Critter to stop taking lobbyists' money.

Should we all feign shock?

Or would that be too obvious? Aetna is planning on dropping 600,000 to 650,000 people from their private-for-profit insurance coverage - the sickest people, of course - in order to help ensure they drive up the cost of the Public Option while still keeping their profit margins with "redesigned plans" - you know, higher premiums and or less coverage - and some will be shocked by this. Many of us knew this was one of the many poison pills they have built into healthcare reform. This is one of the many reasons that if you are going to go the "Public Option" route that it has to be available from day one, and it has to be opened up to anyone that wants to participate. Below the fold, PNHP weighs in on this news.

Kill it before it grows: Wrong Solution - the HealthCare Insurance Enrichment BIll

You wouldn't solve homelessness by making everyone pay rent or face a fine. You don't solve health care problems by mandating everyone buy insurance and allowing the companies to raise rates by 25%.