Why We Chose to be Arrested, the "Baltimore Four" Explain - talking with legislators is ineffective

"The care denied by 'health insurers' is a death sentence."

On Oct. 29, 2009, four activists, who support a Medicare for All solution to our healthcare crisis, were arrested in Baltimore, MD, for trespassing. They were engaged in a "patients before profits sit-in" at a 17-story tower, which houses an office of the insurance giant, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. In this video, the four: Ms. Patty Courtney, Dr. Margaret Flowers, Dr. Eric Naumburg and Mr. Charles Loubert, explain their decision to choose arrest in order to serve a higher cause--the passage into law of a universal healthcare system that will serve all Americans.



For more details on the Single Payer issue, the arrests and the exact charges placed against each defendant, check out:

Bradblog - Tea Party Express II: Rise Of The Tea Bags

Parts I and II of Brad Friedman's report from the christening of the second wave of teabagging that has striked stricken struck set out across the country from this departure in Southern California.

Brad allows teabaggers to make their point (which is his point) in a very effective way: repeated invitations to enunciate, for example, the list of freedoms taken away under the Obama Administration, left embarrassing voids or the trailing ellipsis. 

White House shoots down trigger rumor again

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The White House has specifically refuted the TPM report that they are pressuring Reid to switch from the opt-out to the trigger. Dan Pfeiffer: "The report is false. The White House continues to work with the Senate on the merging of the two bills. We are making good progress toward enacting comprehensive health reform." The White House denied it once already, but the denial was vague so they denied it again. That is actually the first time the White House has come out overtly and said they’re working to get the public option passed.

The trigger notion would have flown in the face of the White House’s clear effort to (a) get a good bill, by (b) letting the legislators figure it out for themselves and do their own nose-counting.

Keep in mind that the original rumor had a bad smell from the start – it was also rumored that Pelosi was secretly seeking the trigger too, which we know is bullcrap. Some janitor or pastry chef with a White House extension is making mischief with some leakage.

From My Mailbag: AFL-CIO Newsletter

Nurses Will Strike for Flu Safety

by Seth Michaels

Some 16,000 registered nurses, members of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee (CNA/NNOC), are concerned that hospitals across California and Nevada aren’t doing enough to prepare for H1N1 flu, including adopting new safety standards put forth by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) and guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Is a Big Fight Brewing in the Senate on Healthcare Bill/s

A very interesting article today by Jane Hamscher on Firedog Lake, Senate Finance Delays Health Care Vote: Did Baucus Screw Wyden And Lose His Vote? Seems like Baucus is promising liberals on the Finance Committee to put through their ammendments for a vote in return for their not slamming his bill -- AND THEN AT THE LAST MINUTE DOUBLE CROSSING THEM, Surprise!

Here's something from this very interesting piece.

Jon Stewart on Healthcare

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart takes a look at the healthcare successes of the Democrats:

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HealthCare Nightmare: The Man That Nobody Wanted.

Once upon a time in America, about 20 years ago somewhere in Atlanta Georgia, an elderly man was very ill and suicidal.

His healthcare nightmare began with whatever was happening that required him to be placed into an ambulance for emergency transportation to receive emergency services.

But instead of simply going directly to some place to be cared for, he took a detour down a rabbit hole.

For the next 20-some hours he would be on that ambulance.

Murphy Calls On Congress To Walk The Healthcare Walk

A release from CT-05 Rep. Chris Murphy:

Murphy Calls for All Members of Congress to Purchase Health Insurance in Health Reform Bill's New Exchange

NEW BRITAIN - After hosting public events in Waterbury, Danbury and Washington, Connecticut over the last two days, Congressman Chris Murphy (CT-5) is announcing today that he is returning to Washington, D.C. next week to call on Members of Congress to purchase their own health insurance on the health insurance exchange. America's Affordable Health Choices Act, the House version of the health care reform bill, will make changes to our current health care system so that more people can afford health insurance and increase choice through a health insurance exchange, which would force private plans to compete with each other and a government sponsored plan.

A Simple Question About Health Reform

Do you know of this famous quote?

The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones.

    -- William Shakespeare, "Julius Caesar", Act 3 scene 2
      Greatest English dramatist & poet (1564 - 1616)

With the death of Senator Edward M. Kennedy, would it not behoove us to lay the question of a viable healthcare to bill to rest and let him take the victory of successful passage along with him as he is laid to rest? Isn't NOW the time for all the wafflers, the Blue Dogs, the DINOs and the weasels to stop screwing around and pay one lasting, final tribute of honor to the man by ending this faux "bipartisan" compromise, putting the meat back into the bill and sending it sailing past the recalcitrant, criminally negligent GOP?

That's the big question. What say you?

67% of Conservatives are in the "Left of the Left"

Since some morons are saying that is the "Left of the Left" that are pushing for the public option and this supposed to be shocking news to be breathlessly reported on in the traditional media... As they continue their twisted and contorted takes on reality, let us look at who really supports the public option, OK?

67% of conservatives support having the choice between a public option and private insurance.

71% of Republicans support having the choice between a public option and private insurance.

77% of Americans support having the choice between a public option and private insurance.

For those of you politicians and media stenographers that have a problem with reading comprehension I took a moment to annotate this Survey USA graphic. There is your "Left of the Left" in RED and BLUE...

Now... You could do nothing at all about this issue OR... You could contact these Connecticut politicians (or your own local politicians) and ask them to join the vast majority in the "Left of the Left" and take a strong stand for a public option:

CT-01: John Larson - Phone: 202-225-2265

CT-02: Joe Courtney - Phone: 202-225-2076

Goal Thermometer

CT-03: Rosa DeLauro - Phone: 202-225-3661

CT-04: Jim Himes - Phone: 202-225-5541

CT-05: Chris Murphy - Phone: 202-225-4476

If voting on principle is not enough incentive for them... Perhaps we can interest them in this ever sweetening pot of gold:

Bloggers Take $300,000 Victory Lap

We just crossed the $300,000 mark in our effort to thank the progressive members of Congress who signed the August 19 letter, pledging to vote against any health care bill that does not have a public plan.

A little video below the fold on where we are in this debate:

The Tragedy of Our 'Disappeared' Veterans

Cross-posted with permission of Penny Coleman from Alternet. The first of a series of three articles bY Penny Coleman.

How the justice system has been manipulated to put astonishing numbers of vets with PTSD and other psychiatric injuries behind bars.


Wayne McMahon was busted on gun charges six months after he got out of the Marines.

He was jumped by a gang of kids in his hometown of Albany, N.Y. , and he went for the assault rifle he kept in the back of his SUV.

He's serving "three flat, with two years of post-release" at Groveland Prison in upstate New York.

Maybe it's tempting to write McMahon off as just a screwed-up person who made the kinds of mistakes that should have landed him in jail, but maybe that's because his injuries don't show on the outside.

Unlike physical injuries, psychiatric injuries are invisible; the burden of proof lands on the soldier (or sailor or Marine), and such injuries are easy for the public to deny.

Sebelius, DeLauro, Dodd Healthcare Meeting with Small Business Leaders

First 2 4 All 9 parts of the video from the meeting in Hartford on Monday between Kathleen Sebelius, Rep. Rosa DeLauro, Sen. Chris Dodd and small business leaders in Connecticut:

Part 1

Part 2

I will be uploading more as I edit and upload it to YouTube. Should be about 5 or 6 9 parts.

GOP Massacre: If Government-run Healthcare is Bad, Why Not Eliminate Medicare?

Hat-tip to sluggahjells of DailyKos for the heads-up to this wonderful smackdown of GOP hypocrisy regarding healthcare reform.

This is just a classic smackdown -- no if, and or but about it. It's beginning to look like the GOP's plan to turn the Healthcare initiative into Obama's "Waterloo" has actually turned into the GOP's own rendition of Custer's Last Stand at Little Big Horn.

Senator Dodd Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

Via the Hartford Courant:

U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd has been diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer. Dodd is scheduled to undergo surgery during the Senate's August recess and said he expects to be back at work after a "brief recuperation" at home. "It's something that's very common among men my age,'' said Dodd, who is 65 and the father of two young daughters. "In fact, one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point during their life.'' Dodd, a Democrat who is up for re-election in November 2010, said he feels fine. "As you have probably noticed, I'm working some long and hard hours lately,'' he said. "And that will continue."

I am certain that everyone wishes him the best in his treatment and hopes for a speedy recovery. We need his voice to help fight for changes in health insurance and healthcare so that every American can have a chance to receive the kind of treatment he will receive. Via tparty, An email from Sen. Dodd to supporters below the fold.

Obamacare Is At War With Itself Over Future Costs

from Robert Reich's blog, posted with permission.

t now, Obamacare is at war with itself. Political efforts to buy off Big Pharma, private insurers, and the AMA are all pushing up long-term costs -- one reason why Douglas Elmendorf, head of the Congressional Budget Office, told Congress late last week that "the cost curve is being raised." But this is setting off alarms among Blue Dog Democrats worried about future deficits -- and their votes are critical.