Sanders Talks Single Payer With Ed

Video via Heather at Crooks and Liars' Video Cafe:

Just note what Sanders says near the end about the fact that it is Democratic party members that want to make it a 60 vote healthcare debate virtually guaranteeing to keep the most conservative Democratic party members in conjunction with the near extinct gopasaurs in the right wing in the drivers seat on the healthcare debate. Via PNHP:

Important coverage of PNHP co-founder Dr. David Himmelstein's single-payer testimony on Capitol Hill on April 23, including in the Congressional Quarterly, Kaiser, and the San Diego Union Tribune, among other places.

Single payer action items below...

Let's Shut Down the Fax Machines Again

Clark Newhall

Our last weekend was a great success.  We shut down fax machines in the offices of Sen. Baucus, Rep. Pelosi (Washington and DC offices) and the White House.  We sent over 7000 faxes in those three days.

it's time to do this again, because single payer is still being ignored at this critical time.  The Senate Finance Committee, chaired by Sen. Baucus, is holding 'roundtable hearings' in the next week to hear about health reform.  Guess what.  Not only is there no single payer advocate invited to testify -- there has not even been an invitation to a doctor!!!  Donna Smith tells me that the only medical person testifying is a nurse from AARP; we know what she is shilling for -- more overpriced insurance policies AARP can sell to rip off seniors withUnbelievable!!

At the request of Katie Robbins from HealthCareNow, we have created a new fax that you can send to any member of the Senate Finance Committee.  A copy will also go to the usual suspects at the White House.  Because the fax was written by Katie, the language is much less inflammatory than my typical rhetoric, but that's ok.  I don't think anyone reads these anyway after the first 500 or so, they just count them.

So let's give them a pile of faxes to count.  Send yours today.  It's Free.  It's Easy.  That makes it Free and Easy.  Just put your name, your  email, where you are from and any comment you like, then hit the SEND YOUR FAX NOW button. If you like, you can send one to each of the Senators on the list.  Have fun and let's see how many fax machines crash this weekend.

Take a moment to donate too.  The time is NOW to make the most of our overwhelming show of support for single payer Medicare For All.  We can do that by adding the Mike Farrell videos to nationwide TV but we need your donation. 

The ads are scheduled to go on Larry King Live and on Hardball beginning this weekend, but every ad costs money.  Help increase the number of ads we can show.  So far we have enough to show the ads to 3 million people in the next weekWe need your donation to raise that to ten million.  Let's get those ads pushed out as far as we can.  Help us now.