Bill Clinton Hospitalized For Heart Issues

Via ABC News, Bill Clinton is in the hospital for an issue related to his heart:

Former President Bill Clinton Rushed to N.Y. Hospital

Sources on Capital Hill tell ABC News that Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton was seen leaving the Oval Office a short time ago and did not
seem "too concerned" or "in a rush."

Clinton underwent quadruple bypass surgery at the same hospital where he is now a patient four and a half years ago.

Apparently he needs typically routine work to "place two stents in one of his coronary arteries." We wish him and Hillary Clinton the best and hope it is not all that serious. At the request of the UN, Bill Clinton had been taking on a leadership role for the situation in Haiti:

Saturday Open: CheneyCare Campaign

Now here is a really neat ad campaign that gets right down to the heart.....go to http://www.CheneyCare.org and sign a petition in support of CheneyCare for all Americans.

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