EMERGENCY: Updated Summary of Dakota Rezs, More Snow Coming

At my invitation, navajo has crossposted this important cry for help on behalf of the reservations of South Dakota. Please pass it along and help out in any way you can. Thank you. -- GH

More snow is on the way for the reservations in South Dakota!

The temperatures there can go below zero with the wind chill factor.

Many members of these tribes are trying to cope with no power for heat and they haven't had running water since Jan. 21st. Some folk have just been dug out and rescued.

There has been massive support from Kossacks in keeping my diaries on the REC list and donating money and supplies. Federal help is slow to arrive and your help is still urgently needed to prevent homes from freezing and people going without water and food. The major news coverage is weak.

Please help me again today with your RECs and spreading the news.

Below the fold are links to my previous diaries that provide background on the reservations and descriptions of the current disaster and a summary of donation links we have collected.

Health Care Help Request: Healing Hearts and Minds Preferred -- Help a Fellow Kossack

I'm writing this diary for a fellow Kossack who is well known in this community; his wife is in excruciating pain and getting worse. They are both friends of mine who I have known online for years but never had the pleasure to meet in person.

The long and short of it: if anyone can help them identify a teaching facility or program where they could get an MRI for her, in the NC area, it would be greatly appreciated.

The slightly longer short version: she suffered an injury at work; and workmans comp was canceled when it could be claimed that the new injury site conflicted with an older existing one.

My friends do not have insurance -- welcome to the new (ongoing) good old American health insurance nightmare.

More info and specifics over the fold, but I will not reveal the Kossack's identity. I have emailed a front-pager with identifying information in case management is curious.