Last Day for Women's Health Hero - vote for Dr. Margaret Flowers single-payer advocate

A year ago, Connecticut Man1 posted "Single Payer Heroes," the news that eight protesters were arrested because they dared to leverage the 'single payer option' into roundtable hearings where we learned, only later, seats had been reserved for paying customers.

Dr. Margaret Flowers was among the heroes who wrenched their bodies onto the gears of the policy-making machine, last May.  She has proven to be a strong and credible advocate for reforming a defective healthcare system ever since.  

That's just one reason, among the many to vote for her to win the Women's Health Hero Award, but you have to do it, now, today:

Self-Proclaimed Heroes & Lessons in Humility

Promoted for the discussion of herosism and humility because there are many of those we often overlook every day in our own lives -

So much is going on right now, with a complicated election, touching us all. But the attacks on one's character and patriotism have been particularly repugnant. It seems that within the divisiveness of McCain's pursuit of the presidency, the integral constructs of both honesty and humility have been lost.