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I Voted EARLY Today For Democrats!

{ed note - CM1] Cross posted with permission from and written by slinkerwink: A little bit of reasoning from the left wing on why you should get out the vote.

by slinkerwink

Thu Oct 28, 2010 at 04:26:15 PM EDT

I voted early today. It's the first time I've done this, and it was a breeze to do. It's the fifth time that I've voted since 2000. I still remember that excitement of my first vote for Al Gore to be President, even though it was ten years ago.

I voted in 2000 because I knew how terrible Governor Bush would be as President. I was sadly right. I didn't vote in the 2002 midterm election since I was depressed and angry about the illegal war against Iraq which 40% of the Democratic caucus in the House had voted for at the time.

Then I came to Dailykos around 2003 because of Howard Dean. I was one of the followers on the Dean For America blog, which later became Democracy For America. Here's the transcript of that famous "I'm here to represent the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party" speech below:

AfterNoonan Joe

From TPM we get this Weiner take-down of Noonan:

In a shocking development, Peggy Noonan is accused of making "the most cliched, hackneyed assessments." In this case, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) was referring specifically to her take on health care reform. Watch.

       --David Kurtz

There are a lot of interesting points in this video from Morning Joe featuring Anthony Weiner, Howard Dean and Peggy Noonan. While TPM concentrates on the part of Noonan's silliness near the end, unremarkable to anyone who really follows her endless stupidity, and Anthony Weiner's take-down of said silliness, I found the fact that Joe Scarborough, while pointing out some of the very real holes in the bill, said that he is moving closer to Weiner's view of Medicare for All. Watch it all below the fold, along with BIG news on Grayson's Medicare You Can Buy Into Act, because all 8 minutes or so are well worth your time:

Howard Dean Tears Healthcare Bill a New One

From Howard Dean's WaPo Op Ed and after suggesting the Senate needs to kill this bill if they are not going to fix the real problems:

Real health-care reform is supposed to eliminate discrimination based
on preexisting conditions. But the legislation allows insurance
companies to charge older Americans up to three times as much as
younger Americans, pricing them out of coverage. The bill was supposed
to give Americans choices about what kind of system they wanted to
enroll in. Instead, it fines Americans if they do not sign up with an
insurance company, which may take up to 30 percent of your premium
dollars and spend it on CEO salaries -- in the range of $20 million a
year -- and on return on equity for the company's shareholders. Few
Americans will see any benefit until 2014, by which time premiums are
likely to have doubled. In short, the winners in this bill are
insurance companies; the American taxpayer is about to be fleeced with
a bailout in a situation that dwarfs even what happened at AIG.

From the very beginning of this debate, progressives have argued that a
public option or a Medicare buy-in would restore competition and hold
the private health insurance industry accountable. Progressives
understood that a public plan would give Americans real choices about
what kind of system they wanted to be in and how they wanted to spend
their money. Yet Washington has decided, once again, that the American
people cannot be trusted to choose for themselves. Your money goes to
insurers, whether or not you want it to.

To be clear, I'm not giving up on health-care reform. The
legislation does have some good points, such as expanding Medicaid and
permanently increasing the federal government's contribution to it. It
invests critical dollars in public health, wellness and prevention
programs; extends the life of the Medicare trust fund; and allows young
Americans to stay on their parents' health-care plans until they turn
27. Small businesses struggling with rising health-care costs will
receive a tax credit, and primary-care physicians will see increases in
their Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement rates.

More constructive criticism, including last night's Special Comment from KO, below the fold because, honestly, this Bill resembles an insurance corporation dump on the Senate floor that needs to be flushed:

Dean: "Sanders has got the right idea, You might as well kill this thing"

Gov. Howard Dean on MSNBC:

"The biggest time bomb in the short run is the Public Option. Without a Public option, basically the activists of the Democratic party sit on their hands in 2010. Obama is not on the ballot. There's no reason to go out and vote for a Democratic Congressman or give them any money if they can't pass a healthcare bill that's worth anything. And that's a huge problem for the Democrats if its not in there and so it looks like some of the, a few of the folks aren't going to let it in there. [snip] [The Public Option] has been watered down, it's about as as watered down as it can get and still be a real bill. So there's not a lot left in this bill. For example, there's really no insurance reform in this bill. [snip] I think Sanders has got the right idea. You might as well kill this thing because the people are going to be furious if it passes if it doesn't have a Public option."

Also, over at HuffPo and via TomP at dKos, Howard Dean makes a few points that some who are willing to pass a crappy bill are ignoring:

What Lou Dobbs Really Said.....

Lou, when you find yourself in a hole,

Stop digging.

Lou Dobbs is not my favorite news commentator, he's too elitist for me, but I came home last night and hubby was watching him (which is strange, because he's usually on G4). I went with it. Then, came the argument between Lou Dobbs, Karen Finney and Errol Louis. Chris Stirewalt seemed to be the bemused spectator.

DeParle might take Public Option off the table

Via the Think Progress Wonk Room:

Obama’s Health Care Czar Leaves Door Open To Dropping Public Plan Option

Today, during a roundtable at the Kaiser Family Foundation, Health Care Czar NancyAnn DeParle remained optimistic that health care reform would include a public health plan option, but suggested that the President would be open to exploring other ways of controlling health care costs:

It could operate by the same rules that all the other plans do. It could have payment rates that are very similar. Or it could have payment rates that are the same as Medicare — that’s one idea that has been used. So there are various ways of looking at it…[Obama] wanted to make sure that he could keep costs low — the public plan is one way of doing that — and he wanted to make sure that there was competition and choice for consumers, and that you have a way of keeping the private plans honest. But as he said, if there are others ways of doing that, he’d be open to talking about it.

Watch it:

Let us think about how out of touch with reality taking a Public Option off of the table would be.

A whopping 73% of voters want everyone to have a choice of private health insurance or a public health insurance plan while only 15% want everyone to have private insurance.”

Nevermind the fact that about 65% of Americans support a Single Payer healthcare solution: Medicare for all...

Howard Dean Wants 250,000 Signatures For Public Option

Is that all?

We can do that and still have time for a beer break and a very long nap...

Sign the petition

Give America a choice. We support healthcare reform that allows individual Americans to choose either a universally available public healthcare option like Medicare or for-profit private insurance. A public option is the only way to guarantee healthcare for all Americans and its inclusion is non- negotiable.

Any legislation without the choice of a public option is only insurance reform and not the healthcare reform America needs.

If you don't sign this sucker I am signing it in your name for you! lol jk

I may be a strong single payer advocate but I am no fool. There is a line in the sand that can not be crossed in this fight. If there is no public option - and not some junk insurance that is on par with most private policies, but a decent public option that covers everything a Doctor thinks should be covered - then it will not be health reform at all. Just more of the same.

AHIP offers you a pipe dream. It is not the first time:

What are Progressive Values?

Progressive Values?
Howard Dean - Fairness, Responsibility ...

What does the Democratic Party stand for?

Howard Dean lists these "Core Values" of the Democratic Party

1) Fairness and Equal Rights for all

2) Strength and Toughness

3) Fiscal Responsibility

These are demonstrated by providing Health Care for all.

Dean stresses the urgent need for us to express these values, on an emotional level, and not just in Policy Statements.

"People vote on their Values -- NOT on Position Papers!"

Haven't we seen this Movie before?

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I have promoted and bumped this post because I think it is really important in light of last night's Democratic debate. For more of my thoughts see my comment below.

I feel I've seen this movie before ...

The players are different, but the set is the same.

The puppeteers and myth-makers are out in force, pulling those strings and spinning those myths.