H.R. 676

Another Single Payer National Call In Day

In my email inbox from COMA-CT: Another national call in day in support of H.R. 676. But before you do, we all want you to take a minute and dig through your drawers for some of your your insurance papers if you have any. With emphasis on paperwork showing these death dealers denials of service:

So on March 10th, 2009, we will host a deluge of activity in support of HR 676.

We ask that you join with thousands of others to call Congress and fax your health insurance bill or letter of denial to your Congresspersons.

If you don't know your Congresspersons, or want a script and sample fax coversheets, all of the information you need is on our National Call-In Day page.

They have additional information and resources at the Healthcare-NOW! site. And please remember to blank out personal information like your Social Security number. You don't want your activism to result in identity theft.

Negotiate with AHIP vs. Best We Can Get 51 Senators For?

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Hijacked in its entirety from DrSteveB at dkos.

Since we all want to get health some (any?) kind of health reform" we are being told by Washington insiders to set aside our advocacy for single payer and join in with the kumbaya negotiations with enemy (AHIP) to get 'er done. Sure, as a matter of policy and economics, single payer is the best way to reduce and control costs, and also get to universal comprehensive coverage. However, as a matter of realistic power politics, I am told by the powers that be that we can't do it this year, so we should settle for what is doable.

Okay. I'll bite. Let’s get the best plan we can get with 50% plus one in each house of Congress. And as usual, that means 51 Senators, since we have a larger and more probably liberal majority there.

But can we please please stop pretending that we can or should "negotiate" with AHIP? This idea that the private insurance companies are compromising is nonsense!

Movement On Single Payer?

We have have all created some small victories, but we still have miles to go as the media has had a near complete blackout of any mentions of Single Payer.

The next big step?

Via The NY Times:

In a further effort to build consensus, the Obama administration announced on Friday that it would hold five regional forums on health care. They will be held in California, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina and Vermont.

In other words... We have a lot of work ahead of us. Think of how hard it was to get just 2 single payer advocates in to the healthcare summit? Now, multiply it by 5. ACCCK!

Now that we are in: what to ask for at Health Summit

Wed Mar 04, 2009 at 10:20:49 PM EST

As of now we know that among the 120 people invitd to the White House Health Summit there are two single payer advocates: Representative John Conyers the lead sponsor for HR-676 and Dr. Oli Fein the president of PNHP.  

What do we do now?

My suggestion for what would seem to be a non-radical, non-shrill, non-extremist request/get:

"There must be a complete, honest, side-by-side comparison of all proposals, including HR-676, by the Congressional Budget Office"

Not just what Senator Baucus pre-determines to allow.

What are they afraid of?  

Let there be a honest and open debate, comparing all the true total costs all proposals!

Single Payer Victory!

It is just one of the many battles that single payer advocates have won over the years... But this one is no less important than any of the others.

Earlier today After Downing Street and Corrente confirmed that John Conyers was our first and only single payer advocate invited to the big healthcare summit tomorrow.

Google. After Downing Street, interestingly.

So now, call 'em again and ask why not PNHP? Or Health Care Now? Heck, not even HCAN't? What's wrong with these people? Why can't ordinary citizens get a seat at the table?

The White House (202) 456-1414 or (202) 456-1111. Remember, if you've got a rotary phone, you always get to soeak to a human!

NOTE Hat tip, DCBlogger.

But it gets better below the fold...

Moving Forward on Health Care

From my email inbox to you - and a job to be had in D.C., if you are interested:

Last week President Obama spoke to the nation and said he wants healthcare reform within a year! We do too. But we want it done the best way, the simple way, the economical way, the humane way - the HR 676 single-payer way!

We've got our work cut out for us. President Obama's health advisors have all been exposed as big insurance and big PhRMA types. And we continually hear that single-payer isn't politically feasible.

But it is feasible. We know it. The polls and experience around the world show it. Most doctors, nurses, and patients say it. It's the only way to cover every U.S. resident without increasing our national spending on healthcare. Healthcare-NOW!'s network of activists amplifies this messages every day.

Our efforts helped forge a strong and united national single-payer coalition that can claim 20 million constituents. Because of thousands of phone calls and visits our activists have made, HR 676 now has 60 co-sponsors since it was introduced in the 111th Congress.

We organized a briefing in the Rayburn House Office Building last week that brought in experts to expose the Massachusetts mixed public/private insurance plan for the failed mess that it is. Our activists personally delivered an invitation and package of materials about the MA plan to every House office.

Our work over the past five years helped generate new CBS News/NY Times polling data showing that 59% of Americans believe the government should provide national health insurance, vs. 40% who believed that in 1979. Our work helped win HR 676 endorsements from the US Conference of Mayors, and big cities such as Philadelphia, Seattle, Baltimore, and Boston.

We need your help to keep Healthcare-NOW! running at full speed. We do lots, but we could do more. We need a part-time staff member in Washington. We need to bolster our communications with tens of thousands of people in our networks all over America. We need to strengthen local coalitions in key Congressional districts around the country.

This year is crunch time for our movement time to deliver the pressure necessary to make the Obama administration and Congress do the right thing. We hope you can help us.

You can donate via our web site. You can designate how your funds will be used for lobbying, which is critical now or for tax-exempt educational purposes.

Thanks for helping to keep us running at full speed. The times demand it.

Thanks for all that you do,
Marilyn Clement
Healthcare-NOW! National Coordinator

Celebrate Lincoln's Birthday the Healthy Way

Below is hijacked in its entirety from DrSteveB at dKos:

National Call-In Day for Single-Payer Healthcare

Celebrate Lincoln's birthday by supporting single-payer healthcare.

Thursday, February 12th is the third National Call-In Day to support real universal national health care, single-payer healthcare, HR 676!

An Economically Created Health Care Disaster

And your state is sure to be suffering:

Medicaid rolls are surging, by unprecedented rates in some states, as the recession tightens its grip on the economy and Americans lose their employer-sponsored health coverage along with their jobs.” In many states, Medicaid rolls grew by 5 to 10 percent in the last year, often double the growth the previous year. Congress is likely to extend Medicaid aid to states in the upcoming stimulus package.

And, as early as March, Obama will be moving forward on health care reform, according to the Politico:

The move signals Obama’s intent to keep one of the most ambitious and politically crucial campaign promises at the top of his agenda. On the campaign trail, Obama pledged to provide universal health care by the end of his first term, but the severity of the economic downturn has raised doubts about how quickly he can deliver on that promise. Obama and his point person on health care, former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, have staffed up like they plan to push forward with it, lining up a roster of communications and policy strategists to assist in the effort.

I wrote last week on a Tom Daschle statement that could be taken as a signal of which way Obama wants him to go: