hysterical accusations

Wherein Conservatives Admit To Hysterical Accusations And Intentional Deception

Crossposted to DailyKos.

If you've seen the recent dKos diary by Queen of Swords or the article referred to within by David Frum (infamously titled Waterloo), one crucial item stands out: the admission that Republicans have willfully & intentionally conducted a vigorous program to whip up "hysterical accusations and pseudo-information" -- in short, they've knowingly lied to their base and the nation in order to oppose the initiatives and policies of this President and the Democratic majority.

This demonstrates their willful complicity in undermining and obstructing government for political purposes, not for the benefit of their constituents. It also deals a hefty blow against teabagger lunacy, which has built up a head of steam based solely on the misinformation generated by the GOP efforts to "destroy" the presidency of Barack Obama.

The Atwater school of politics may at last be coming to an end, or at least entering a much-needed recession.