To Everyone That Did This For The Veterans

Just a quick message of thanks to everyone that helped this happen from Paul Rieckhoff before he went in to watch President Barack Obama sign IAVA's number one legislative priority for the year into law - advance funding for VA healthcare.

You can dig around here for more of the great things IAVA has been and is still working on.

DeJa-Vu: Vets Looking To Slash Veterans Program Funding Already {UpDate 3}

Not even waiting for the debacles to end and all the soldiers to come home, where have I seen this All before!


Iraq Veteran Going to Washington - KRGV 2.15.09



Reynaldo Leal, Jr. was part of Operation Phantom Fury, taking part in some of the heaviest fighting in Fallujah. For Leal, fighting overseas was like an out of body experience. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America