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KEEPING us IN US (Barnett Lawsuit Verdict)

(Updated 2/17/09 5:00 PM ET..  BARNETT VERDICT ... SEE BELOW)

Thursday evening on Lou Dobbs Tonight, Mr. Dobbs had two interesting stories .

The first dealt with American companies, in particular the banking industry which has taken American taxpayer money, but still look for workers from overseas while millions of Americans are unemployed.

(Un)RealID: Undocs Need Not Apply

Gosia Wozniacka/Oregonian: Spanish driver's license tests drop 90%:

The number of people taking the DMV test in Spanish fell by more than 90 percent after the governor's order went into effect in February. The number has remained equally low every month since.

The intended consequences of paranoia as enshrined in the RealID Act.

Image: Retinal Scan @ Geekologie