Saturday Morning Open Thread: Eclectic Collection Edition

Here's an eclectic collection of items to start the day, courtesy of Google News:


This is an Open Thread.

Hersh talks about Obama's decision on Afghanistan

They also discuss issues between India and Pakistan. And this is why Rachel Maddow is among the best news sources on TV. She gets the right person, asks the right questions and gets you information you need to know.

I am betting a lot of the eternal war set are pissed at Eikenberry right now. (Julie Gulden @ dKos has transcripts of the interview for those that have troubles YouTubes)

Terror in Mumbai

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There were several terrorist attacks across Mumbai, India today, including two which led to hostage crises. World leaders and the world's bloggers condemned the attacks.

Here are some of the latest headlines out of the Times of India:

Mumbai attacks: Fresh explosions at Taj hotel

27 Nov 2008, 1637 hrs IST, AGENCIES   
All hostages at Taj have been rescued, Maharashtra DGP A N Roy has said. There are, however, reports of more explosions at the hotel.

At Oberoi Trident, 5 blasts in 15 mts, 35 people trapped

27 Nov 2008, 1643 hrs IST, AGENCIES
As many as five blast sounds were heard from Mumbai’s Oberoi Trident hotel in a matter of five minutes after the Army took charge of the site.

Mumbai attackers may be Pakistani nationals

27 Nov 2008, 1359 hrs IST, PTI
Preliminary investigations have pointed to involvement of some Pakistani nationals in the serial terror attacks in Mumbai that left over 100 dead and 270 others injured.

It's been a busy night.  Happy Thanksgiving.