Open Thread - 10 Questions Edition

I am guessing you were probably thinking when you saw the Open Thread title that I may have had 10 questions for you to ask politicians to anwer or something along those lines. Nope. I am talking about 10 simple questions that you need to answer to help keep this country working for you.

I am talking about the 2010 Census.

And the only bad news is that, no! You can not fill it out the 2010 Census online. Below the fold of this Open Thread are links to some basic information on the 2010 Census that is getting underway.

Babbling to Babel

I was standing on the sidewalk, had a noise in my head.
There were loudspeakers babbling, but nothing was said. – Richard Farina

See, here’s what “they” don’t get: It’s not that we of the great unwashed are unruly, rude, and unlettered—but that “they,” the people who (in their own minds) have earned the right to speak to us, do nothing but babble.