Dem Benedict Arnolds Try to Kill Net Neutrality

Michael Collins 74 Democrats signed a joint letter to the FCC supporting internet throttling by Verizon, ATT and Comcast. Throttling lets carriers slow or block internet traffic. This is a clear attack on net neutrality. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just endorsed net neutrality. But The Money Party is busy buying votes. Here's a Top Ten list of the biggest rake-offs by the 74 Democrats. They had a total take of $2.8 million with an average of $37,000 a piece from industry sources and lobbyists. No telling how many jobs, trips, and other favors were provided. The Money Party is nothing, if not thorough. Let your member of Congress know how you feel. Complaint letter to Congress

Looking Forward to Not Lagging Behind - How Fast Is Your Internet Connection?

We have a broadband connection at our house so it isn't too bad on downloading information even in comparison to the rest of the world that is burning up the internet with speed. But for the most part the USA is lagging versus the parts of the world that have truly embraced the high speed connection world. Go ahead and take this test to compare where you stand in your State, in the nation and in comparison to internet connections around the world. And please remember that many of the nations that have better or similar connections than you are paying less for it.

When I look at my own results, where our internet connection and most US users' internet connections really lag is in the uploading of information. Something that can be considered a serious issue when you think about Freedom of Speech and getting information out in any Citizen Journalists' world. And when you consider that we have the fiber optics and technology to hit some serious Terabits for connection speeds, it makes setting standards of 100 Megabits for ten years down the road seem like a slow walk that won't even keep pace with the parts of the world that invest heavily in moving forward quickly on this stuff.

In other words, by the time we reach the FCC goals those standards will probably be near obsolete in other parts of the world. And we will still be lagging.

Below the fold are some recent articles from's Blog where they are embracing the FCC's new standards which will be an improvement. But I honestly think we can and should do better and it starts with thinking faster NOW.


The headline of an article in today’s New York Times by Motoko Rich, “Literacy Debate: Online, R U Really Reading?,” may be missing a question more important than the one it asks—more important, at least, to educators. That is, can online reading be merged with more traditional reading forms and methods to develop a new (and more culturally and technologically appropriate) form of reading? Fortunately, the piece does finally address the question.

Babbling to Babel

I was standing on the sidewalk, had a noise in my head.
There were loudspeakers babbling, but nothing was said. – Richard Farina

See, here’s what “they” don’t get: It’s not that we of the great unwashed are unruly, rude, and unlettered—but that “they,” the people who (in their own minds) have earned the right to speak to us, do nothing but babble.

Is the Internet Our New Primary Source of Edutainment?

The YouTube, MySpace, Facebook; all of these sites are significant amongst the millions and millions of internet websites around the world. These are among the more popular and more controversial sites that plague favorite past times. The big question, however, is are these web browsers and the many others out there on the internet the new source of education and entertainment?

NYTimes Going on Sale? Anyone Need Some Used Socks?

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A couple of days after the New York Times, according to some, helped the Public Integrity Section (PIS) of the Bush Justice Department shaft Spitzer the stories start going the rounds again about how vulnerable the Times is to a takeover. This one came up this morning.Firesale at the Times. The story has some legs of its own because the hedge fund group that is accumulating shares (Harbinger) now has a bigger position than the NYT’s family owners. The structure of the company prevents them taking over ownership directly but they are now in a position to do a lot of damage to the share price. Judging from the shares’ price performance over the last few years that’s probably not something that will impinge too much on the thinking of the paper’s present ownership.

Stop Big Media!

Why is this happening?

  • “Women comprise 51 percent of the entire U.S. population, but own a total of only 80 stations, or 5.87 percent of all full power commercial television stations.”

  • “Minorities comprise 34 percent of the entire U.S. population, but own a total of 43 stations, or 3.15 percent of all full-power commercial television stations.” That percentage decreased between Oct. 2006 and Oct. 2007.