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Pew's State of the News Media 2010

State of the News Media 2010 - Introduction :

A new survey on online economics, released in this report for the first time, finds that 79% of online news consumers say they rarely if ever have clicked on an online ad.

Basic truisms: there is no other medium better suited to local advertising than a daily newspaper. There is no group of idiots less suited to the task than publishers of daily news. After at least 30 years of dealing with 'new' tech, and fifteen online, you'da thought these geniuses could grasp the concept of 'service', and of course 'local resources'. Nope.

Honey, Put Down Your Flamethrower, You Know I've Always Loved You

That's the last line from a Lawrence Raab poem I love, Attack of the Crab Monsters.

I'm a poet. I went about 10 years between poems, having just finished one recently. I'm not really sure why that gap yawns across the last decade. I could say it's because we've been raising two kids, working our asses off, watching in disbelief as George Bush took this country down a few notches, losing everything due to my disability, and starting all over out here in Rural upstate New York. But it's really because I just didn't have much to say.