Change Yes, Ron Paul No

Change Yes, Ron Paul No

Joel S. Hirschhorn

Americans want a real political leader, a real change agent. Ron Paul has never been a change agent. He is a change-talker. His claim to fame is voting against legislation, not writing bold legislation to produce change that actually became law.

Edwards Evening News RoundUp: Some Things are STILL Worth Fighting for!

Well that was quite the statement in Iowa!

Thanks to record turn out to the Iowa, the "Candidates of Change" got over two-thirds of the Votes!

According to the New York Times, nearly twice the Dems turned out this time:

Why Edwards will make a great President!

promoted by Carol. I recommend not missing the end which gives a very personal perspective of what the Edwards campaign represents.

When you ask people who are the Great American Presidents, you are likely to get a lot of different answers -- JFK, FDR, Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, among others.

But why do People name them? What did they do that was extraordinary?

All Presidents face challenges -- but why do some of them "rise to the occasion, and excel beyond all expectations?"

What is it that makes them Leaders?

Edwards Evening News RoundUp: the Something Happened Edition

I've noticed a lot of grumblings around "the Internets" lately, about all these "partisan" Candidate Diaries -- hogging the limited real estate of the Recommended List.

Out of respect to that Audience, those who have had their fill of Candidate News,

Here's the Executive Summary:

"Stuff happened in the Edwards Campaign."

Edwards Evening News RoundUp: Why I'm with Edwards Edition

This edition of EENR will be a little different. I will be reporting the latest News on John Edwards of course, BUT with a focus on the WHY's behind the Edwards headlines.

Why are people supporting John Edwards, anyways?

Don't these people know that the National Polls and the Media already have scripted out how this Election is supposed to turn out?

Silly People, thinking they should actually be able to make up their own minds! Imagine that -- the People actually picking their own Leader! (And NOT having one Picked for them!)

John Edwards: The Fighter. The Closer

With less than two weeks before the voting begins in Iowa and New Hampshire, John Edwards is delivering his closing argument to voters, something Edwards is well known for. As one of the top trial attorneys in the nation, Edwards is no stranger to taking on a fight and then driving it home, with a powerful closing argument.

The Fighter

Edwards Evening News RoundUp: Middle Class Rising

Edwards Evening News RoundUp: Middle Class Rising

The Edwards campaign is picking up steam, and a lot of people are noticing, even some of the Media. That Poll yesterday showing Edwards in the Lead in Iowa at 30%, certainly helped to get people talking. The Chris Matthews Interview with Edwards in New Hampshire was certainly a breath of fresh air too.

Edwards Evening News RoundUp: Real Leaders take Stands

Our Country needs, Hope ... yes very much so.

Our Country also needs Competence in SO many Government Positions of power ... NO more 'Heck of Job -- Brownies' PLEASE!

But the one thing America needs even more than Hope and Competence -- it's Real Leadership!

What is Real Leadership made up of?

More Compromise and Committee meetings? (I hope not)

Media Fanfare and soaring rhetoric? (nice, but ...)

Edwards Evening News RoundUp: the Restoring America Edition

John Edwards is a busy person lately. Speeches, Interviews, Endorsements, Policy Statements, Presidential Forums -- where does he find the energy!

Could it be he is driven to win? Could it be he knows America needs a Fighter in Washington who will speak for us the American People?