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Open Thread - Putting Unemployment In Perspective

Just a very small excerpt from a very long post on the unemployment issue overall. This little part is just to put the size of the problem in perspective:

2,181,500 long-term unemployed Americans have now lost their unemployment benefits.

53,500 more will join them each day, which amounts to more than

350,000 people each week, who will be losing what could be their only source of income for housing, utilities, food and health-care for themselves and their kids.

To put those numbers in perspective...

2,181,500 is slightly more than the population of Chicago.

350,000 is roughly the population of cities like: New Orleans, St. Louis, Tampa, Santa Ana and Cincinnati.

53,000 is approximately the population of places like: Flagstaff, Sarasota, White Plains, Cheyenne and Battle Creek.

And, should the filibuster continue... In one month we're looking at the population of

Manhattan, Philadelphia and Detroit...combined!

There are some suggested actions you can take in ridemybike's diary. There is more open thread after the jump.