Jack Abramoff

Paying to Play And Paying The Price

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The Daily News has obtained an exclusive photo of President George W. Bush shaking hands with Isaac Toussie's father;1 the photo had been taken earlier this year. According to Daily News political correspondent Celeste Katz, it was not immediately clear whether the photo was snapped before or after Toussie's father made his April contribution of $28,500 to the Republican National Convention.

The timing of the picture -- both the appearance of it now, as well as whether it was taken before or after the hefty contribution -- could significantly add to the potential controversies that the Bush Administration and the Republican party have to worry about, particularly with regard to Bush's legacy.

Hypocrisy, thy name is GOP

The Bush-Toussie picture was first published exclusively on the New York Daily News; the Bush-Abramoff photo was found on Tennesseefree.com and was apparently originally posted on MSNBC.msn.com



Vampire Kisses: Did Abramoff and Wilson Bleed Romero in NM?


Dennis Greenia, Vampire Slayer dengre

I first learned about Jack Abramoff's successful plot to help Heather Wilson ambush and bleed dry my good friend, Richard Romero, in two separate New Mexico congressional elections while strolling with dengre down K Street. Both times, Abramoff employed a stealth PAC purportedly championing health care reform. By 2004, New Mexico's political aquifer flowed red. K Street

I'm not the first person to learn about Abramoff from dengre. He's one of the brave few whose nocturnal obsession with vampires unearthed Washington's Empire of the Undead for the slumbering masses.