Bad sign? Pick to head USDOJ's Legal Policy a lobbyist for Chamber's Institute for Legal Reform?

If I've learned anything in a decade, it's that hundreds of millions of dollars spent by the single biggest lobbying entity --the US Chamber of Commerce-- over the same time, has an effect on the regulation and law under which the rest of us have to live.

The Chamber's Institute for Legal Reform was born against the backdrop of a Republican revolution that had been purchased by industry and their lobbying activities have especially favored those interests most averse to the tide of litigation that had begun to accomplish the objective of holding big business responsible for the civil damages left on the path of profitability.

The Chamber of Commerce ILR was delivered by C-section in time to take up the fight against US Government plans to sue Big Tobacco for recovery of medical costs after the Multi-State Agreement with most state Attorneys General left the Federal government recovering nothing at the end of 1998. 

So when I heard that President Obama is likely to nominate Mark Gitenstein for the top post of the Office of Legal Policy in a Department of Justice only beginning to think about depoliticizing itself, my reflexes were jerky, to say the least.