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Senator Dodd on Kucinich Amendment Protecting States Rights for Single Payer

At the end of the blogger outreach on Saturday, September 26th, '09, I talked to Senator Dodd on the Kucinich Amendment Protecting States' Rights to move forward on Single Payer. Essentially, Dodd refers to Senator Bernie Sanders' efforts and Sanders legislation to deal with Erisa laws and allow Single Payer in States that want to start an SP system. Dodd makes no commitment to support it, but he will look at it. Sanders had previously introduced a partial fix to the system and it was rejected in the Senate HELP committee BUT if we can get him to reintroduce it, or even a stronger fix? One possibly more sympathetic and newly minted Chairperson may have the will to twist a few arms:

An Interview With Senator Dodd

An exclusive interview with Senator Dodd on healthcare, single payer, the public option and a bit about Senator Jeff Merkley's recent statements. Sorry if it is just a wee bit shaky... I am just an amateur. Thanks to the Connecticut State Democratic Party for sneaking me into this event.

I still have a bit over an hour of video from the meeting in Hartford that I wrote about earlier to edit and process.

Netroots Nation Interview: Jeff Merkley (D-OR) On Health Care

In my ePluribus Media Journal article, I write about my meeting with Jeff Merkley, Speaker of Oregon House of Representatives. Merkley has a history of backing progressive legislation to improve access to health care. He ushered The Healthy Kids Act (HB 2201), a universal access bill for children, through the Oregon House despite resistance from the tobacco industry. The payment source for the program would have been an increase in cigarette taxes, a policy proven by research to discourage youth from smoking. In the industry's euphemism, cigarette taxes hinder efforts to generate "replacement smokers," the new young addicts needed to take the place of older ranks killed by lung and heart disease.

Read the full interview on the Journal.

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