Jill Biden

Jill Bidens Mom, RIP 10-5-08

CNN came across with the report abit ago and it slowly drifting into the other news outlets, not much yet but thought I'd post up someting.

From ABC:

Biden Cancels More Events After Mother-in-Law's Death

ABC News' Matthew Jaffe reports: Democratic vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden today canceled two days of events after the death of his mother-in-law.

RIP - Bonnie Jacobs

Sen.Joe Biden - Dover Airbase - KIA's

Back a few years ago I went Absolutely Livid, have many many.................... times from the first beat of the War Drums, this time while watching the CBS 'Face the Nation' sunday show. While the blood had rushed to my head I waited, impatiently, for the transcript to come up on their site. When it finally did, I quickly copied and pasted it to an e-mail and sent it out, but that didn't quell the Absolute Rage.