JP Morgan Chase

What's next for Republic Windows & Doors Workers?

What happened at that Chicago manufacturing plant brought back alot of memories of how extremely talented workers fought for what they knew were their rights, decent wages for their labor, on the job safety, trading wages for benefits like health and welfare directly and much much more. Fights that shouldn't have really happened in a real model of capitalism where all should share directly in the quality and growth of their work and the companies they work for.

We need to return to that pride in company and product, quality products and customer service, correcting the defaults, and growth for all, owners, workers, and investors.

Too Big to Fail

The title is a phrase used in the banking world to describe entities which are cornerstones of the financial system and there's NO WAY they can be permitted to fail.

JPM, or J.P. Morgan is too big to fail because it is one of the Member Banks of the Federal Reserve Banking System.

The Federal Reserve Bank is even MORE too big to fail as they would tend to see it.

Watch this video on YouTube: Bear Stearns, Jim Cramer, The Federal Reserve, JP Morgan