judicial interference

Freedom of the Press???--Remember the Constitution Buddy

There are three recent news items all to do with censorship of the press:

This about AP suing a subscriber may be the most bizarre. Does AP know how its YouTube channel works? Seems like they are now suing their own subscribers for playing videos available on AP's YouTube Channel. Note the the words "misguided legal theories" third paragraph (which I have shown in bold type).

Maybe the Associated Press can file this one under "That's news to me."

At least one representative of the venerable news agency, which recently declared that it was tired of the Internet riding on its coattails, was apparently unaware the agency had an official YouTube video channel.

The AP recently sent a letter to WTNQ-FM in Tennessee--an affiliate of the Associated Press, by the way--accusing the country music radio station of copyright violation for embedding videos from the AP's official YouTube channel on its Web site, according to a station employee's blog. The AP channel includes embed code for its videos, which allows any Web site or blog to embed the videos on their sites--a feature that can be turned off.